Rosicky fully focused and feels Arsenal can finish top!!


After scoring what was an absolute stunner from the edge of the area against Tottenham Hotspur, 72 seconds into the North London derby, Tomas Rosicky was able to silence the fans at White Hart Lane and show just what Arsenal are capable of this season. It may not have been a massive win but it was one that was very important. A class defensive display and passion for a derby day win showed just how determined we are to recover our Premier League title challenge.

Rosicky managed to secure all three points for the Gunners with victory at White Hart Lane for the first time since 2007. It was also our third fixture against them this season, and we have managed to win all three, demonstrating exactly which team rules in north London, if there was ever any doubt. The win means that we were brought onto level points with second place Liverpool, only being behind them on goal difference. With the latter stages of the season drawing in, Arsenal’s chances admittedly look slim with City, Chelsea and Liverpool all striding far, however it isn’t impossible and goal scorer Tomas Rosicky believes the title challenge is still very much alive for Arsenal!

He told Sky Sports after the game, “I think it’s a great race for the fans as well as the players. I think it will be until the last game of the season. This is a very tough league, every game is very important and there are plenty of games still to go. It (the goal) is one of the best, against Tottenham as well. I’m delighted by a goal like that and most importantly we won the game. It’s a great result for us. These derby games are always very tough. It means a lot for us, obviously for our fans as well. We are delighted.”

Rosicky is right in saying it’s one of the most challenging leagues in the game and this season has once again proven how close things are. A slip up from the leading team can change so much in a matter of weeks. Chelsea have experienced it this week, although they remain on top of the table, whilst of course we too have already drastically experienced it this season, having led the league for the large majority of this year’s competition.

With hope that Arsenal can exploit another team’s failings whilst of course pushing with belief ourselves, we can get there, and if not then an FA Cup win and a top four finish is surely nothing too much to moan about.

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