Rosicky – I was tempted by huge offers from elsewhere


The Arsenal midfielder Thomas Rosicky has just signed a new contract at the Emirates, but he admits that he nearly had his head turned by some big-money offers from China and Russia, but finally decided that money wasn’t everything and preferred to stay at Arsenal.

“Arsenal let me get to the point where I had just half-a-year on my contract and could talk to anyone I wanted.

“It started to get interesting because I had very lucrative offers. This turned my head a little, but I have to say that Arsenal were my priority.”

“In both cases, it was financially huge numbers, so that somehow you had to entertain it – it’s not easy. Some days I thought about it, but money is not everything.

“I’m glad I’ll be able to continue at Arsenal.”

“I want to say that what was sometimes written, that I have played better because I’m fighting for a contract, had nothing to do with it.

“Although it is now signed, it was just a matter of preparing the paperwork.

“I had given my word to the coach that I would stay much earlier.”

Thats what we like to see, a loyal player for a change!

4 thoughts on “Rosicky – I was tempted by huge offers from elsewhere

  1. Rosicky you are good both on and off the pitch. Thanks for staying with the Gunners… I love this club

  2. Brilliant news this. Finally a top player playing for pride and the honour of playing not for money. AFC forever

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