When it comes to Arsenal, it’s not often that the Gunners are aided by the help of an experienced player, with in fact very few players over the age of 30 playing considerably under the reign of Arsene Wenger. However, slowly things seem to be changing from Arsene Wenger’s inexperienced bunch of schoolboys to the correct balance in youth and experience that has also seen raw talent mix with world class quality.

Mesut Ozil is certainly the latter and at 25 years old, he is in the mix of being a young player and one of considerable experience, with over 50 full international caps already. However regardless of his listing there is no doubt that he is one of the club’s greatest current midfielders, if not the best. However according to the German international, who only joined Arsenal in the summer in a record bid in the excess of £40 million, his fellow teammate, Tomas Rosicky is one of the best players he’s played with and is one of the best in the league.

Ozil told Arsenal.com: “We’re strong when we’re on the ball, we play quickly and I have lots of fun playing alongside the team. In my opinion Tomas belongs to the best midfielders in the Premier League. When you see how much he gives for the team and how he enjoys being on the ball it makes us happy to have a player like that in our ranks.”

I also think Rosicky is a top player and it’s an awful shame he has spent the majority of his career on the side-lines whilst with the Gunners. However at 33 years old, Rosicky can still be seen to be pulling the strings for Arsenal and I think that’s because not only does he have wealth of experience and knowledge of the game but also because he is still great technically on the ball from all the years he has missed out on. With the ball at his feet, the Czech Republican offers something different and I definitely think he is one of the most impacting players in the league. Whenever he features he makes an instant impact and I think it is a fantastic and vital decision to extend Rosicky’s contract beyond this season.

Ozil continued: “Before I came to Arsenal, I knew that the club belonged among the top five in Europe. I knew that they were technically gifted and strong and you see that on the training ground when we are doing passing drills – the ball is always moving. I think that’s thanks to the way young players are coached at the Club because they always train with the ball, run passing drills and ultimately it’s being rewarded.”

It’s great to see how well Ozil is settling in and after seeing his progress in the first few months that he’s been here, the effect it has had on the team has been immense. Whilst Ozil may think it’s a dream to play alongside the likes of Rosicky, I’m sure that most of the players see it differently, as a dream to play alongside our German number eleven. What seems in no doubt, though, is that Arsenal will need everybody to give their best for the remainder of the season, but they have a great incentive, the Premier League title!

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