Rosicky – We are back on track.

Arsenal’s midfielder Thomas Rosicky spoke to the club’s official website about the squad The Gunners have at the moment. Coming back from the international break, the Czech, now qualified to EURO 2012, spoke about the importance of having time to get to know new-comers.

“We are looking forward to the next month because we are back on track again and have some positive results behind us,” he told

“Sometimes when new faces come in you need time to gel and I think the last month was much better from us. We were good defensively and much more compact. I think we will show that in the coming months as well.”

“I wouldn’t say just the midfield, it’s the whole squad as a unit that have defended better,” he added. “I wouldn’t pick out one particular part, it’s the whole team that has gelled together. Hopefully we can continue to do that.”

Arsenal had a massive change of heart immediately after the season started. Fabregas left, Nasri followed, Clichy and Eboue were already gone, and Wenger had to have another approach. This caught him off guard and even though high quality players were brought, they needed time to adapt. Let’s just hope that the adapting period is now over and that Arsenal will once again be on the right tracks.

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