It might seem strange for an Arsenal fan to be moaning about the officials after Arsenal beat Newcastle by four goals to one and one of them came from the spot, but I am going to do it anyway. After a defeat it can seem like sour grapes anyway.

It did not make a great deal of difference to day that Lee Mason was to say it kindly poor, or to say it how I see it, unfair to the Gunners. But it could have done, because the match was quite delicately poised at 1-0 for a while in the second half.

Before that he had booked Hector Bellerin for a soft tackle and only warned a number of players in black and white for heavier and more bookable offences. He had spotted a foul that no one else did, supposedly committed by Welbeck bvefore the Arsenal striker put the ball in the back of the net. I am not having that as a foul, no way, or there would be a thousand free kicks in every game.

It was little niggly stuff but it was all adding up. The Alexis penalty tackle was inside the box. Only just but it was and the defender should have been booked, so we got a double stuffing on that one. On another day these little decisions could have cost Arsenal the game and it seems to me that it happens to often.

Do you think that Arsenal get a raw deal from the referees?

1 thought on “Rubbish Ref fails to spoil Arsenal party

  1. Agree 100%. Refs have cost Arsenal far too many points this season. Luckily last night we were able to nullify that with some great play!

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