Rumours of Julio Cesar to Arsenal pick up once again

Why is it always Arsenal that seem to be involved in these never ending transfer fiascos? Normally its endless speculation on players leaving the club, such as Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie. Whilst we also experience the odd piece of speculation that persistently links a player with Arsenal, only for us to miss out to one of our rivals, Juan Mata anyone? And this summer looks set to be no different, despite Arsenal’s change in attitude.
It’s being reported once again that Arsenal are set to step up their interests and sign QPR goalkeeper Julio Cesar once he returns from the Confederations Cup tournament in Brazil. But how many times have we read this report, it’s becoming annoying rather than exciting. To be fair he has been away on International duty and so this would of hampered any potential deal that was in the process for the time being, however the persistent links do not help the transfer go through, all it seems to do is get a lot of Arsenal fans excited, only to be let down when the transfer never comes off.

“Julio Cesar will move on,” Harry Redknapp said. “He’s a top class goalkeeper, Brazil’s No.1. He’s been in great for Brazil and I presume there’s a big club out there for him.

“He won’t want to play in the Championship, he’s a goalkeeper for a big club.”

I cannot confirm nor deny that a deal has been struck for the 33 year old and to be honest very little people actually know so take everything you read on the internet with a pinch of salt. Let’s face it the majority of rumours are made up either by the media to sell their product, or by ‘trolls’ just looking for a laugh.

To be honest, despite the consistent reports I don’t expect Cesar to sign. And the fact we have almost sold Vito Mannone doesn’t change anything because I realistically think Wenger will promote Martinez.

Now I’m not saying that Cesar won’t sign for Arsenal this summer and hey perhaps the media are right in saying that he will sign after this weekend’s final. However it’s extremely likely that this deal isn’t where people state it is when they say “it’s all completed, just waiting official confirmation”.

But now that Cesar has finished playing (and winning) at the Confederations Cup, at least we will know one way or the other very shortly.

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4 thoughts on “Rumours of Julio Cesar to Arsenal pick up once again

  1. It’s the same old stories people tell every transfer period,just make sure you post genuine info,i’m choosing to trust you

  2. Personally I don’t see what wrong with Flapianski as our 2nd choice keeper. I seem to remember him playing well last season. So I wouldn’t be too disappointed if we don’t sign Cesar, although obviously it would be great if we did 😀

  3. The answer to the above question is that,wenger and the arsenal board are vert stingy n misery.They want to give little to take player,but they need much to sell their player.

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