RVP Doesn’t Want To Hear About Big Four Ambitions


Arsenal’s Dutch striker Robin Van Persie isn’t satisfied with the position the Gunners are in at the moment and doesn’t even want to hear about Big Four ambitions at the end of the league, saying that if Arsenal managed to bounce back from such a poor start of the season they’ll be able to do it all the way.

“We should have higher expectations every week, but for now because we have only played 15 games in the league we are not even halfway,” Van Persie told Arsenal Player.

“I don’t think it’s clever to be excited by fourth, fifth, sixth or whatever. We still have to play many games.

“So many things can happen – you see that Spurs lost three points last week, Chelsea beat Manchester City.

“It is an open league and anything can happen. Lots of stuff will happen that is surprising so we have to make sure that we are on the good side and actually surprise people with our results.”

“Everybody had written us off to come back from something like that and weren’t speaking positively about us.

“To bounce back from a period like that you can say that everybody earns some credit because we had to dig deep – trust me.”

Nobody could know better than Robin how hard it was to bring Arsenal back from the dead basically. He was the main partisan in helping the Gunners, showing incredible form and reliability and becoming not only the team’s, but the league’s top goal scorer.

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