RVP Is Proud But Still Has Work To Do. Will He Break The Record?


Arsenal’s Dutch striker Robin van Persie has went up to 34 goals so far in the 2011 year, and still has two matches to improve his standings. In 2004 the Gunner legend Thierry Henry scored the same number of goals becoming the second best goal scorer in only one season after Shearer.

Now Robin is enthusiastic about matched Henry’s performances saying that he’s really proud.

“It is a big honour to equal Thierry’s record because he is probably the best player Arsenal ever had.

“To achieve what he did in a year is really special. It makes me proud.

“I think it has helped that I haven’t missed a single Premier League game and featured for 90 minutes in most of them.

“When you have a good run, and you feel fresh and fit, you try things, you take more risks here and there than, for example, if you are just coming back from injury.

“You always need a couple of games (to get fully sharp) when you’re back from injury.

“As a striker I think it is really important to have a go. If you look at my performances, I take more risks now because I know with the team behind me I will always get more chances.

“It’s not that I only get one chance normally, I always get one, two, three, sometimes four chances in a game. That sort of tells me that I can take a risk here and there.

Van Persie still has 2 games to improve on his record, and he needs another two goals to match Shearer’s 36 goals. Do you think he’ll get even more than two goals in order to outrun Shearer?

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  1. Shearers total of 36 was achieved in 41 games so is not so impressive as Van Persies’ tally so far.

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