RVP Refuses Wenger Plea. Will He Break The Record?


Arsenal’s Dutch striker Robin Van Persie is raring to go against Aston Villa and refuses to be rested in the attempt to break Alan Shearer’s record of 35 goals in one single year of Premiership football. The Dutchman has 33 goals so far in 2011 and needs another 4 to break the record, but only has 3 games to get them

“We are a team who wants to respond quickly now and keep our spirit and determination,” said Wenger. “Then we have a bright future, but it’s important that if we keep that spirit and determination we can go from strength to strength.

“We are not the same team we were two months ago. In the next two months of course we want to be different again.

“They are always passionate games against Villa. We have been criticised a lot since the beginning of the season but you can say what you want but where we go something happens.

“There is always entertainment, even the game on Sunday. It was a game where the two teams went for it – then football becomes a fantastic sport and we will do the same at Aston Villa.”

Arsenal had another striker who attempted to break the record, but Henry fell short in 2004 becoming the second best with 34 goals. Van Persie can still break the record and that’s why he doesn’t want to hear about getting rested and is expected to give his all against Villa trying to make up for the fact he didn’t score against City.

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  1. Hang on… If RVP has 33, and Shearer has 35… RVP only needs 3 goals? WHERE’S THE MATHS?!

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