Sagna Close To A Comeback. Will Arsenal Win A trophy?

Arsenal’s full-back Backary Sagna is close to a comeback after the injury he sustained in the beginning of the season against Tottenham, and will probably show up on the field soon having already started training.

“I was told I would spend three or four months out and I am on schedule.

“I have resumed jogging and I should kick the ball again in the coming days.

“I have screws (in my leg) but I don’t think I will have them removed. That would mean another two months on the sidelines.”

Sagna is delighted about Henry’s arrival and seems to think that this will lead Arsenal to glory in 2012.

“It will have an impact on the team and our adversaries.

“He is always looking for perfection and he knows what to do to win trophies. When he talks, everyone will listen to him. His comeback is the event of 2012!”

“When you are so close to something, like the League Cup with Arsenal, it brings you down with a bump,” he said.

“From that moment we started to fall off. We were so disappointed, fans were disappointed. We lost trust.”

“I would like to win something, either with France or with Arsenal. I miss trophies a lot, it is frustrating.”

Arsenal is unlikely to win the title this season and they’re out of the League Cup, so they’re left with the Champions League and the FA Cup. Do you think they have any chance of winning one of the two trophies?

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2 thoughts on “Sagna Close To A Comeback. Will Arsenal Win A trophy?

  1. No freakin way
    not while wenger is incharge,with the current board not for the forseable future
    am not gona say if we buy a striker or a world class mid no because i know we wont he would probably some crap players on loan

  2. well said loiz…..we wont win anything with this management set-up. We are the best club at making profit though…….we should all applaud our great self-sustainability!…JOKE

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