Samir Nasri shows he’s a good loser (NOT!) with four-letter rant!

The ex-Arsenal traitor Samir Nasri has shown the world that he still hasn’t grown up despite being saying at the end of last season: “I’ve matured, I’m now a champion in England and can handle these pressure situations,”

Nasri became a figure of hate for Arsenal fans after he forced Arsene Wenger to sell him to Man City and then followed it up by many anti-Arsenal comments during the season.

He proved he was still a pain in the a*se when he was asked for his post-match reactions after France’s defeat to Spain last night. He was reported as responding that “you journalists are always looking for s—,” while also shouting at the media crowd to “go f— yourselves, you sons of b—-es; now you can go write that I was poorly raised.”

Well I don’t know about being poorly raised, but I do know he is an overpaid idiot with an over-inflated ego who will never get a job as a diplomat!

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15 thoughts on “Samir Nasri shows he’s a good loser (NOT!) with four-letter rant!

  1. even though nasri left arsenal i don’t think he should get all this criticsm from arsenal fans.sure he left but that doesn’t mean arsenal fans should hate him.think about it,if you were in samir’s shoes right now,people hate you becuase your a champion,he left arsenal cuase he thought it was the right thing to do.

    1. How is he a champion? He joined a club who bought a title, what else, thierry and dennis were champions.

  2. Haha, but wait, it didn’t end there, bcos I read d comment on saying the journalist should come with him outside 4 a fight and let them settle the beef. Reminds me of those good old days when I was 5years cos @10years I grew up, unlike na$ri

  3. He really is a nasty piece of work. And his outburst about
    ‘ poorly raised ‘ surely betrays a complex about it ? What a shame he was (briefly) an excellent player for Arsenal.

  4. Players come and go from every club every season … not all of them get abuse from their former club’s fans …

    That Cole, Nasri and Adebayor do (for example) is all about the way they conduct themselves and comments made publically …

    Clichy didn’t get abuse playing for City this year, Cesc won’t if he comes back, Pires and Henry didn’t (in fact they got standing ovations !!!), I even recall Charlie Nicholas soring for Celtic in a testimonial against us at Highbury and getting cheered by the Arsenal fans …

    If you make nasty comments about your former club and it’s fans what the hell do you expect ?

    Frankly, we are well rid of Nasri, yes he has talent, but as has been seen at City and the Euros this year, only he decides when and how much he will show everyone !!!

  5. I think Nasri called for all these critisim. He should have kept quiet instead of throwing jibes at arsenal.

  6. @chunsung STFU any ex player that slags off Arsenal will get it right back 10 fold. You are not a true gunner if you’re taking Nasris side in any of this. I hate him because im a PASSIONATE supporter and LOVE my side, YOU on the other hand seem like a fake bandwagoner. GUNNERS TID (you dont know what that means do you? lol) jump off pretender, youre not a goooooooner!

  7. @chunsun Nasri is nt d first player 2 leave arsenal no one creticise colo tour and cliche fabrgas thiery henry asley cole flamini hleb and reyes so why nasri and adebayo ask ur salve chunsung if u are and arsenal fan as u say u wil no the step out of d line lik deservin even mor frm us so don get it pasonal

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