Sanchez transfer sending Arsenal’s summer spiral into disaster


Despite a disappointing season in the Premier League that saw Arsenal finish outside the top four and without a place in the Champions League for the first full season with Arsene Wenger as manager, we ended on a little bit of a high with the record breaking FA cup trophy triumph.

As it turned out that Wembley win was not the reason the Frenchman was offered a new two year contract because it was already agreed, but it did help to keep us Arsenal fans from getting too frustrated with our club, as did the assurances we were given that there would be significant changes made in the running of things, even if the man in charge was the same.

A lot of Arsenal fans will have harboured some misgivings but not even the most pessimistic of us would have expected what has happened and is continuing to happen this summer. Wenger has spent money on just one single player, one!!! Now his fighting talk about not allowing the likes of Alexis Sanchez to sign for an EPL rival is looking as empty as the Tottenham trophy cabinet and it appears that it is getting worse.

We cannot persuade players like Jonny Evans to play for Arsenal and there is just over a day left of the transfer window, while the current squad is looking devoid of any form, confidence or desire. Disaster looms for Arsenal and the worst thing about it is that most of us could see it coming.

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