Serie A star midfielder’s agent reveals Arsenal plan!!

The Arsenal fans that are hoping for Arsene Wenger to sign at least one strong and combative central midfielder in the January transfer window will be pleased to hear that the Frenchman has his Arsenal scouts looking at a certain player to fill that role.

But they may not be quite so happy to hear about the identity of the player, revealed by his agent according to a Daily Mail report. Because the name of Cristian Ledesma is not exactly the big name defensive midfielder we were hoping for. But the player’s agent has confirmed our interest.

Vincenzo D’Ippolito said, “It is true, Arsenal are interested in Cristian. There have been scouts [watching], we’ll see if there will be an opportunity to examine an offer.”

For those of you who don’t know him, Ledesma is the 32-year old Argentinean born Italy international who has played for the Serie A club Lazio since 2006. He operates as a deep lying play maker rather than a traditional breaker up of play, much like our own Mikel Arteta. That and his age suggests that Wenger is looking at Ledesma as cover and competition for our Spanish captain rather than a dynamic young tigerish midfielder to protect the back four in the manner of a Matic.

Let’s hope that Ledesma is just one of many possible transfer targets because this move smacks a little of the Kim Kallstrom saga to me. Cheap yes, what we need, not really!

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