SHOCK – Arsenal striker admits he is NOT best in world

Arsenal and Denmark international striker Nicklas Bendtner stated a few years back that he was the best player in the world and it is safe to say that it’s something that has stuck with him ever since. Bendtner is constantly slaughtered by all football fans alike for his comments, whilst his over confident attitude certainly doesn’t help him.

Bendtner made his return to Premier League action with Arsenal against West Brom last weekend, playing his first league game for the Gunners in almost 3 years, but it could have been a very different story for the Great Dane had he left this summer. Bendtner had been pushing for a move away from Arsenal for a few seasons now but it never became a reality. However this summer came and it looked as if he finally might leave on a permanent basis, only for the 25 year old to reject every single opportunity to come his way.

As a result he stayed with the Gunners and to many people’s surprise he committed his short term future to the club, saying he would work his hardest with the Gunners this year. And to be fair to him, Bendtner has put an effort in since his return, although let’s not get carried away here. He may not be as bad as we all thought he was but he still certainly isn’t ‘the best player in the world’. As mentioned, it’s a factor that has remained with Bendtner ever since he said it, however today he confirmed that he never actually said those words.

Bendtner said: “I don’t like that I keep getting put up on comments I’ve made which have been wrongly said – that I still to this day have to see it and listen to it. If people don’t like me, that’s fair enough. If people can’t accept that sometimes you’re young and make mistakes and move on, that’s not up to me. I try to do my best and that’s basically all I can do.

“I think every football player wants to achieve the [most] within what he can do. That’s what makes you. If you have a dream and try to do everything you can to be the best that you can, that’s you trying to make the best out of your job or what you do. I basically said that I think that anybody who plays football in the world would love to be the best. I think that’s a normal statement and that got [changed] to me saying that I was the best player in the world. I don’t know where that came from. I still listen to it now and again and still see it. If people want to believe that, then that’s that.”

The Danish international may have felt that all the fans would have been left with an egg on their face after his comments, however let’s be honest in saying that the only one who is in that situation is Bendtner himself. On the whole though, let’s all hope this can be put to bed soon and we may finally get to see a good performance from Bendtner, they do come every now and then, once in a blue moon.

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