Should Arsenal be more concerned about the dark side of Suarez?

It’s occurred to me that the majority of Arsenal fans are very keen on signing Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, after reports over the last few weeks have suggested that Arsenal have bid twice for the Uruguayan striker. Both bids have been made public by the Liverpool management team of Rodgers, Ayre and Henry, all choosing to voice their opinion on the matter but something has crept up to my attention.

Before a team is linked with a player, that player is either hated out of jealousy, if he is a good player, or just isn’t mentioned because he’s fairly average and in fact nobody cares. If you then link this player to a club, speculating a transfer could happen, in the majority of cases the fans will suddenly start to lap at his feet and this whole scenario has happened with Luis Suarez, although I believe to a great extent.

Arsenal fans seem to have forgotten all about his controversial years not just in England but in Holland with Ajax as well. Not only did he force his way out of the Dutch club, but there was also a biting incident there as well and it’s one of the major factors that show his controversial nature. Before the link everyone hated him, we all wanted him to leave Liverpool and the Premier League but now we are linked with him everyone’s keen on the striker and begging for Liverpool to let him go!

Pair this with an air of desperation from the Arsenal fans because we are yet to spend any money, and suddenly we find ourselves praising Suarez, comparing him to RVP and although I don’t doubt that he has unreal talent, people just seem to be forgetting that he has a bad attitude, controversial nature and also that he will be banned for the first 6 games of the season!

I just want to say, that I do recognise Suarez as a massive talent and for Arsenal to sign him it should really boost our chances, but it’s just come to my attention that everyone seems to be forgetting the nature of the player we are really signing. The player that hits the headlines for his controversies rather than his footballing talent.

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4 thoughts on “Should Arsenal be more concerned about the dark side of Suarez?

  1. We have no choice but to sign Suarez by all means despite the character baggage he brings because he’s the only world class striker available. Not only that, he has EPL experience! The Arsenal hierarchy and Wenger have dragged their feet for far too long in this transfer window until we have missed out on all the other top strikers that we were expected to sign. Wenger is a dreamer who quickly forgets the long brutal Premier League season, not to mention the Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup. He does that every season and expects a different result — putting a square peg in a round hole.

    1. We should be concerned. It is a huge risk. I don’t think we land Suarez in any case but if we do he will just use us as a stepping stone and will look to go elsewhere within a year or two.

    2. Suarez is the square peg in the round hole. And he is not the only striker out there who can score goals. What about our strike force?

      And if he’s so “world clas” then why did Liverpool com in 7th last season?

      He’s not worth it. End of…

  2. We have †o wake up from our slumber! Arsenal board is merely playing wt our desperate senses of seen a world class arrive at †ђξ emirate. Eventually they will say ”Ɣou see we’ve tried †o clinch †ђξ deal bt ohhh †o no avail!

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