Should Arsenal go back and raid Leicester this summer?


Leicester football club did something that surprised the world last season! Against all odds, they won the English premier league; a league that had Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United and Man City, was won by a club that battled to remain in the league, the previous season. What a fairy tale it was. The world was truly shocked!

Winning a competition takes a lot of efforts. You need to employ the services of a coach who knows how to assemble a team of winners and you also need to buy players who share the same idea and spirit with you, finally, you need to motivate both the coaching crew and the playing staff. All these, Leicester did last season and they won! However, this season has been a mixed season for them; they started the season so poorly and now, they seem to have found their grove back. The coach was sacked in the process of them trying to get their season back on track but the players were not affected.

Last season’s success for Leicester City, was partly made possible by two talented and motivated players who played a very big role in leading their team to victory. The two players I am talking about are Mahrez and Vardy! These two players literally won them the league and there results were not only a trophy, but a bidding war among top footballing club, who wanted them as a member of their squad for the next season. Arsenal was among the clubs who allegedly wanted these players. We seriously bided for Vardy; we met his buyout clause, only for him to say he was not interested in playing for Arsenal. It surely broke the hearts of many Arsenal fans, no doubt. We never bided for Mahrez although he was linked to us.

Arsenal is looking to strengthen their squad for next season. This season can be classified as their worst season under Wenger! They have not just lost games, they lost them in terrible ways not befitting of a club of Arsenal’s status. Apart from a few players who were outstanding, Arsenal lacked leaders and motivated footballers on the pitch and this needs to be addressed soon. Vardy and Mahrez may be our next options for the striking departments, especially if Sanchez leaves. From the look of things, Leicester may miss out of qualifying for the Champions league this season, unless they lift the trophy of the one they are currently contesting in. Arsenal still has the chance to amend for their season and end up qualifying for the Champions league. If we can manage to do this, then there is chance of we been able to land these two players for next season, if we bid for them again. Won’t we love to see a classical striker who knows how to score goals at Arsenal?

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  1. track marhez and lacazate,then keep sanchez and ozil then futbal will go on at arsenal

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