Should Arsenal Grab This Star Goalkeeper?

It’s official now, if Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger wants to bring in a new extraordinarily good goalkeeper he can do that easily. All he has to do is submit a decent transfer fee for a goalkeeper he’s been watching for over three seasons, now that Lyon have announced that Hugo Lloris is up for grabs.

The French international goalkeeper has been the only real star in the French team during this summer’s EURO 2012, and he’s now ready to leave the French Ligue 1, leaving his club Lyon for a better and more competitive side.

Lyon’s president Jean-Michel Aulas has stated that Lloris can be bought now for a decent transfer fee, telling TF1:

“Lloris can go, but only for a decent price in relation to the market.”

Arsene Wenger is due to lose his second string goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski after the goalkeeper threatened he would leave the club at the end of the season if he wouldn’t get more playing time against his Pole conational Szczesny. With Lukas on his way out, it’s natural to say that Wenger will be on the market for a fresh talented goalkeeper, and Lloris might be an amazing option given the fact that he would skyrocket the competitiveness at Arsenal in the goalkeeper department.

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5 thoughts on “Should Arsenal Grab This Star Goalkeeper?

  1. I know people are saying that it wouldn’t be a good idea, but I think having a great competitive spirit between two excellent goal keepers would be great. Great for arsenal, having great choice in the goal keeper department. Great for the goal keepers to improve each other. I can only see it as a good move. Why buy a goal keeper that’s ok but not great? If something happens to either keeper, then we still have a just a good a keeper to replace each other.

  2. I think Czehzhny is a mistake maker. I think whatever is distracting him will continue to distract him. Almunia was once as good as him, so was Richard Wright, if not better when at Ipswich … but both seemed distracted and their goalkeeping went tits up.

    I saw the same happening with our number last season. He definitely needs competition to make him more focused.

    We dropped 6 points directly related to his blunders, silly blunders. We failed to keep clean sheets because of lapses in concentration.

    It is not possible to realistically go for any cups with an unfocused keeper. Sure, you can win the league with a keeper losing a couple of games, but lose a game in a cup and you’re out the competition.

    I see no viable argument against signing Lloris. I wanted us to sign Van Der Sar before Fulham snapped him up. I couldn’t believe nobody went for the Dutch national keeper – Fulham got him for peanuts and look what the guy did at Man Utd later. I have the EXACT same feeling now about Lloris.

    Our keeper even lost his national place at the Euros, if that isn’t backing me up then I don’t know what will.

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