Ashley Williams has been persistently linked with Arsenal over the last month, suggesting that there may be some real truth to the stories. Arsene Wenger is believed to be keen on the Welsh International but Swansea are reportedly quoting a value of £10 million, which I personally can’t see Wenger paying.

When it comes to Arsenal, £10 million is a lot of money and I just cannot see the Gunner’s spending so much on a player that would ultimately play no more than a bench and squad rotation role at the club. I personally don’t rate Williams at all, and so I’m not sure what all the hype is about, but taking into account that a lot of people are very keen on him, then he must have that special something.

In recent weeks talk has gone quiet over the 28 year old, suggesting that interest had ended after Swansea quoted that £10 million price tag. And now the Welsh club chairman Hew Jenkins has told the media that no official contact has been made over Williams.

Jenkins stated; “While there seems to be constant speculation about Ashley Williams, I can honestly say that I have not had one call from anybody about him. There have been all sorts of stories in the press about what is happening with Ash but I have never heard anything from anyone.”

So it seems that once again the story is nothing but media hype. As reiterated throughout the article, I would hope that Wenger looks elsewhere. I mean apart from experience in the Premier League, there are a lot of other defenders available that in my opinion are much better than Williams and are available for a cheaper price. I don’t think this story is anything more than the usual Phil Jagelkia to Arsenal rumour that goes round every year. I mean on a £70m budget, would you honestly happily spend £10m of that on a player approaching 30 that would play no more than a squad role, not to mention the fact we currently have Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Djourou and Miquel challenging for the two CB spots.

3 thoughts on “Should Arsenal just forget about Williams?

  1. I actually think djourou is a reasonable defender. he certainly plays well alongside vermaelen and koscielny. whereas vermaelen has proved that he struggles alongside mertesacker and koscielny. in my opinion it would be good to rotate the pairings rather than rotate the individuals.

    1. mertesacker/koscielny
    2. djourou/vermaelen

    only in the event of injuries or suspensions to 2 players would we then need to disrupt the pairings, when we could then call on sagna or miquel. 9 defenders should be enough for a whole season, particulalrly when you consider that coquelin and yennaris can cover full back.

    sagna, jenkinson, mertesacker, koscielny, djourou, vermaelen, gibbs, monreal (8 full internationals and miquel) However, I do think we should allow miquel to go out on loan, so either a versatile defender that can play all across the back 4 or an experienced right back, which would mean sagna becoming mr versatile as we all know he can play any position in the back 4.

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