Should Arsenal let Rosicky move to Hamburg?

It has emerged in the German media that Hamburg are going to make a move for Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky to fill out the central midfield and pair him with the former Tottenham man Rafael Van Der Vaart. Rosicky is still thought of highly in Germany because of his time at Borussia Dortmund where he became one of the most exciting attacking midfielders in the world.

As Arsenal fans will know, he has had his injury problems in the last few seasons and has had his appearances restricted because of this and competition, but Arsene Wenger has maintained that Rosicky is a senior member of the team who would be irreplaceable.

At 32 years old he is not getting any younger but the fact he is that age will mean that Hamburg will not want to offer Arsenal a decent sum of money. This deal is unlikely because of his age that affects both clubs in the sense that Arsenal value him as a senior player and Hamburg would not pay highly for him.

If Arsene Wenger really does have £70 Million to spend this summer with the intent of bringing big players to the club, he may be persuaded to sell Rosicky if he can replace him with equal or better quality. At the moment though Arsenal’s interest in players seems to be all about strikers with bids and rumoured deals going on with just about anybody in Europe.

The most likely replacement for Rosicky would be Marco Reus who Arsenal apparently made a bid for in January and last summer but lost out to Rosicky’s former club Borussia Dortmund. Reus is more of a centre forward but he would be the perfect replacement for Rosicky at the current time if Arsenal can prise him away from Dortmund which is unlikely because of the previous departure of Mario Gotze and possible departure of Robert Lewandowski meaning the club will want to hold on to their next best player.

Is it time to say goodbye to Rosicky or does he still have time to benefit the club?

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9 thoughts on “Should Arsenal let Rosicky move to Hamburg?

  1. Assume this rumour may actually be true, I think we can sell Rosicky. Of course it depends on how much Hamburg offer, and what players Wenger will sing, and how he plans on playing the players we currently have.
    Atm we have Carzola, Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain who can play in Rosicky’s position, so it’s not like we desperately need him.
    However, it seems Wenger really wants to play Carzola at LW (bad idea in my opinion), Wilshere could have more injury problems, and Oxlade-Chamberlain is often used in other positions, like RW.
    I’d like to see Carzola as our no.1 attacking central midfielder, with Podolski or someone else at LW. Then Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain would be back-up, and that means we can sell Rosicky, £5m should be a decent price.

      1. The rumours are that Arsenal are willing to accept £4m, so £5m is not that ridiculous. You only have to look at how much money has been thrown around in recent years for players that aren’t really worth it, no names mentioned, but we can all think of a few 😉

  2. “Should Arsenal let Rosicky move to Hamburg?”
    That might be the silliest question ive heard. Of course not!

  3. No way.. Arsenal need his creative flair in the midfield. Rosicky is a class apart from other midfielders in the team

    1. Well he is very good, yes, and still needed. He is a class act – with a thing called pace.

  4. When his contract expires next year he’ll walk away free, so it wouldn’t be too big a deal for me if he did leave. Besides his injuries, it seems to me like most of the time he’s quite average, with occasional flashes of brilliance. We can play Carzola in his place, who is much better at the moment.

  5. Y people are talking like these? At this moment in time, their is no player’s that can replace rocisky in arsenal squard. U want to compare his experience wit cazola or wilshere? They’re nt in the same calibar. Rocisky should remain in our squard.

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