This week a report emerged that Arsenal and Poland international goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny had made a personal plea submitting his desire for manager Arsene Wenger to stay at the club for next season. Now club captain and fan favourite Thomas Vermaelen has jumped on the bandwagon to show his support to Le Prof in his time of need.

In the ESPN report, Vermaelen said, “Everybody wants him to stay as long as he can. He’s been incredible what he’s done for this club, and for the players as well. We would be really happy for him signing on for a few more years. The spirit is unbelievable in the team. We’ve worked a lot on our team shape and everybody knows their role in the team, everybody’s working for each other and that’s because there is a great team spirit. That’s the great improvement for us this season. It is just the hunger in the team. Of course it was there before but the spirit is great and you can see us fighting for each other really hard.”

Arsene Wenger supposedly told the players after the 6-0 thrashing by Chelsea a few weeks ago that he would be leaving as Arsenal’s manager at the end of the season. The club stated a media lockdown supposedly regarding the news, however there have been plenty of suggestions since that would suggest that such an act didn’t happen.

Perhaps the Arsenal players were told that Wenger was considering his future at the club and now they are in a desperate attempt to show how much belief and desire they hold for him to keep his job at Arsenal. On the other hand they may be trying to convince the management board at Arsenal, that the players have sufficient faith that Wenger can still do a job with them under his guidance. But whatever the reason I don’t think Wenger has quite committed on the direction he will be taken just yet, unlike as previously suggested in the media.

Personally I think the question whether Arsene Wenger will stay at the club for next season is in as much doubt as the speculation surrounding Vermaelen’s own future. The Belgian defender is also yet to commit his desire to remain at the club and although he still has a little while left on his contract, he is yet to commit verbally on his future with Arsenal and many have stated that he could be on his way out this summer. Could Arsenal lose two of their key men so soon? And should the players’ wishes influence the future of the manager?

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