Should Arsenal rescue Kaka from Real Madrid?

Arsenal have been linked with a lot of players this summer, and we surely must be the only club in the world that seems to agree pre-contracts with players only to never actually sign them and in fact in many cases let our rivals snap them up. However there is one team in particular that Arsenal have been snooping around and its Spanish super club Real Madrid, having been linked with basically the whole team as of this moment.

So far this summer the main links to Real Madrid players are Karim Benzema, Mesut Ozil, Angel Di Maria and Iker Casillas, whilst I have also seen the odd rumour suggesting we have taken a look at Xabi Alonso. Also not forgetting the long stating face off we had regarding Gonzalo Higuain! And now with a few days left in the window, it is suggested the latest Real Madrid player to take our fancy is former world player of the year Kaka!

Kaka is wanted by a whole host of clubs after Madrid supposedly made him available for a minimal fee, but it’s suggested that both Arsenal and AC Milan hold the greatest interests in the 31 year old. With AC Milan interested in the Brazilian, I think it’s likely he will return to Italy with Milan, from where he made that big money move a few years back, but who knows Arsenal may have a chance.

Although his wages would be high, especially for a 31 year old on Arsenal’s books, his talent would be worth it and he has been massively wasted at Madrid for the last two seasons. Despite his age, he is still a fantastic player would be high effective in the Arsenal team, but is he worth the punt? For me it depends on if we can sign any of the other Real Madrid players first as a priority? Why sign Kaka, when we may be able to get Di Maria or Ozil? Kaka isn’t a player we can afford to sit on the bench so it’s one or the other, unlike Chelsea who seem to be filling their entire starting XI and bench with midfield talent.

The reason for Madrid’s low price is that they need to get players off the books once Gareth Bale finally makes his move to the Spanish club. Whilst they are also still looking at Luis Suarez, so funds need to be generated for his purchase as well. I think we may be able to get at least one Madrid player, if we are lucky however with time going by fast, it’s looking increasingly unlikely.

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