The 21-year old England international Jack Wilshere has been with Arsenal Football Club since he was nine years old, and the talented midfielder signed a new five year contract with the Gunners last season. So any team who wanted to sign him would find it very difficult indeed, perhaps impossible, but that is just what the Spanish champions Barcelona are planning.

The Catalan club has been interested in Wilshere for years now, after he first grabbed their attention when playing against them in a Champions League win for Arsenal before Jack suffered his long injury lay-off. According to the Daily Star, scouts from Barcelona have intensified their scrutiny recently, and are seriously considering a bid.

Barca are looking for players to replace their amazing duo of Xavi Hernadez and Andres Iniesta, and young Jack is apparently right at the top of their list. Xavi is 32-years old and cannot play in every game anymore, while Iniesta has recently struck an unhappy figure at the Nou Camp. The arrival of first Fabregas and then Neymar, have meant that Iniesta is often sitting on the bench, and he has been offered but not yet signed a contract extension.

29-year old Iniesta is one of the best players in the world, so it is understandable that he is not happy with the current situation at Barca. Maybe he and the new manager don’t get on. I am a big fan of Wilshere, but if we could get Iniesta in exchange, I think Wenger should go for it.

3 thoughts on “Should Arsenal swap Wilshere for Barcelona’s Iniesta?

  1. Look at the difference in age? Ineiesta is better now but Jack has so many good years ahead of him and is likely to improve a lot more.

  2. Jack is 21 and the club has invested an awful lot into his development. He is touted as the saviour of english football and probably the most exciting prospect that england has developed in a long while.

    Iniesta would be a great signing, but it would be madness to 1) think this could actualy happen and 2) swap him for jack!

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