Should Arsenal take a chance on Eden Hazard?


If you regularly read the various Arsenal transfer gossip columns, you should be aware that Eden Hazard has been linked with a move to the Emirates. Hazard made his prolific move to Real Madrid in 2019, hoping to transfer his Premier League dominance to La Liga. Unfortunately, after about three years in the Spanish League, the former Blue has failed to find his magic, even though injuries have played a part in this.

According to reports, he may be allowed to leave Santiago Barnebeau, and Arsenal is said to have approached the La Liga club about the possibility of signing him. So, realistically, the question is whether Mikel Arteta’s move for Hazard makes sense. Janusz Michallik believes it does; in fact, the US football pundit believes Arteta will shock the world with that swoop because he believes he can save the Belgian’s football career one last time.

“Would he be coming for almost free,” asked Michallik. “Real Madrid would be really happy to get rid of him rather cheaply.

“Part of me thinks if there was a coach (who could get the best out of him), then Mikel Arteta. I mean, he was the best in the Premier League once or twice.

“No indications, but if it wasn’t too costly, then why not?! Experience. What’s there to lose? You could always get rid of him (if it goes wrong).

“It’s highly unlikely, but Mikel Arteta strikes me as a manager that would like this project. To see if he can revive what we saw once in Eden Hazard. Remember there was a season when he was unplayable in the Premier League.”

Can Hazard return to the Premier League and reinvent himself, or is that a risk Arteta should avoid?

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