There have been a few suggestions over the last few days that state that because of Arsene Wenger’s success in the transfer window this summer, in which Le Prof managed to retain all of our best players as well as bringing in four more than worthy additions into the squad, it meant that new contract talks have begun regarding Arsene Wenger’s stay at the club.

Arsene Wenger’s current Arsenal deal runs out in June 2014 and although it may seem a bit strange to suggest that Wenger is only possibly staying at Arsenal because of his late transfer dealings, proves that he isn’t doing his job on the pitch as well as necessary and so although his transfer dealings may be a small factor behind it, I don’t think offering him a new two year deal is reflective opinion of his work on the football pitch in recent years, but that’s an entirely different subject all together.

Many fans of Arsenal and football in general have been on Wenger’s back a lot recently with not only our lack of transfer activity (before Ozil) and although the fact that we haven’t performed to the highest standard in the last few years and so doubts have continued to be raised over the future of our Frenchman. But with little under a year left on his current deal, questions are being to be raised over whether Wenger will remain with the gunners for the long run or not.

Players such as Jack Wilshere have made it very clear that they don’t wish for Arsene Wenger to leave the club and even put their own future into question, in the scenario that if Wenger left Arsenal, they may too find it difficult to remain. Recently Ozil also spoke of the importance of Wenger in his decision, so it’s clear to me that he is certainly an important factor of this club and being totally honest, my opinion on Wenger hasn’t changed at all.

I have always said until a better manager becomes available and actually has a distinctive chance of choosing Arsenal, then we should stick with Wenger all the way because I’m still confident he has it in him, despite what others may think and the way the media portrays him. Wenger has shown this summer he can still be ambitious and if he manages to translate some of this talk into results on the pitch then we may just about be on our return to winning ways.

3 thoughts on “Should Arsenal wait before giving Wenger a new Contract?

  1. He sud be given 2yrs contract by december if only we are doing well.if nt he dnt deserve a renewal

  2. Yeah, it’s probably best to wait and see what happens with the squad. f things get worse or stay the same then maybe he doesn’t deserve to stay.

  3. No … they should thank him very much for what he did for the club prior to the last 8 years … and tell him – at his age – to retire. Be Chief Minister for E.U. sport, be dictator of France, write books. Top football has moved on and so should he.

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