Should Oxlade-Chamberlain Still Play for Arsenal Once Gervinho is Back?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to rush Gervinho into the first team spot as soon as the winger comes back from his African Nations Cup experience, where he is set to fight against Zambia for the trophy in the final.

Gervinho will find things a bit changed at Arsenal when he gets back, as he will discover that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is now seen as the favourite to play in his position, and that he’ll have to fight with both him and Walcott for one of the two winger spots available.

“Gervinho is in the final,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

“I have had him on the phone and sent him some messages a few times.

“He plays in the final and you know what the rule is – 48 hours later he has to be back. I see him playing on Saturday, not on Wednesday.”

Winning the African Nations Cup will not only bring him a new trophy but also a lot of confidence which will help both himself and the whole Arsenal squad once he’s back in action for the Gunners. Last summer’s earliest transfer proved to be a real asset for the team but he’ll have to prove himself all over again once he’s back.

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20 thoughts on “Should Oxlade-Chamberlain Still Play for Arsenal Once Gervinho is Back?

    something arsene needs to learn, same starting line-up every week, same tactics with no plan B.
    arsene keeps insisting he doesn’t believe in rotation, maybe its about time he retires from football because things have change. playing van persie every game is madness.
    yes the ox can still play, even park chu young can play as soon as king arsene realises that this is 2012 not 1996. rotation allows players to rest and come back strong.

  2. I gree with u sam. Rotation is very essential. Evn if RVP manages nt to burn dis seasn,he myt b fatigued bfor the Euros or sth. Rotate d midfielders. We av Ramsey, Arteta, Rosicky, Song and Coquelin. He shld rotate them well. Evn d wingers, he nw av Gerv, Ox, Andrei and Theo. I imajine sum gud rotation wld b wonderful. And I feel he shld try Park out against Sunderland in the FA cup dis wknd. We cn do dis. We cn grasp dt 4th spot. And if we beat spurs there cld b hope for 3rd spot if otha teams do us a fav

    1. After Gervinho is back and rested a bit …. he should start with Ox and leave Walcott on the bench. Walcott is the least effective of the three. I would be happy to sell Walcott if the fee was high enough. Of course Wenger won’t.

  3. wel and gud. so far the ox boy is doing wel. he can be our asset for future. gervinhyo must rest a bit inorder to get momentum

  4. @ sam. from ua comment its clear u aint arsenal fan. why rotate wen u r geting results? does barca rotate? does rooney stay out wen fit? wenger rotate according to wat he is playing for ie epl, fa, carling etc. besides RVP wants de golden boot n record breaking season! is that wat u want to prevent him from achieving?

  5. Ox can still play. In my opinion, Ox can play better off the main striker with Gervinho & Walcot in the wings. If any of them isn’t playing to well, he can pull to the wings as Ramsey, Rosicky or Bena comes in.
    The bigger question for me is, when every body is fit, will Arteta play ahead of Wilshere?

  6. Let’s not waste time discussing this.Walcott has been terrible! I wonder why nobody seems to notice.Starting from the bench will do him a favour,it worked for Arshavin yesterday anyway.

  7. We were lucky yersterday, i am not anyway a manager, does wenger sometimes talk to his assistant? Does he think that van persie get tired? Why he kept wolcott when everyone saw he needed to be replaced. Play alexis right winger and gervino left winger when he comes, put wolcott on the bench or rest him. Ok? Start park and put van persie on the bench and play him second half.

  8. Wenger needs to retire; his ideas are no longer useful in terms of football tactics, but only profit.

  9. Oxlade should be an impact player while he is still so young. Gervinho should be the starter and give the chance to Oxlade to fight for a place in the starting XI. this is the way he will improve more and more..

  10. Walcot is the best winger in the epl because he has the best asses in the epl this season. No player in arsenal can bench him. ox and gerviho can rotate but 4 theo he wil always start.

  11. Anyone asking for Walcott’s demise is a bit unfair. Sure he makes questionable decisions every now and then but he has the speed to keep defenses honest. He is always a threat and currently his head is not as fast as his feet but that will come. We marvel at Van Persie and his scoring ability but many of his goals are created directly or indirectly by Walcott. Please get off his back and give him time. Arsenal’s future looks exciting and 2 years from now Ramsey, Welshere, Coquelin, Walcott, Gevinho, Rio and maybe Cambell will give Arsenal a good chance to be on top. Let’s be patient and optimistic.

  12. ofcrs z team is z gunners, z runners. but as walcot is doin, only running is not wat leads z striking side efctv. so, am nt certain wiz walcot any more.

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