Should Gnabry have more of a role at Arsenal?


Arsenal’s Serge Gnabry can often become a forgotten face at the club because despite making his debut back in 2012, he hasn’t really progressed much over the last four years!

Gnabry’s 2012-13 campaign was a short one, but he made more of an impression in the 2013-2014 season, especially in an away game against Swansea in which he opening his goalscoring tally at Arsenal. The issue is that he has never proven to have such a consistent impact, like Iwobi has for example, during his time at the club. Gnabry has featured in a total of 10 Premier League games for Arsenal in four years and although he spent half a year at West Brom on loan, he only featured once before returning to Arsenal, where he didn’t make a single appearance.

Despite his form for Arsenal, Gnabry was picked by Germany to feature for his nation at the current 2016 Olympics in Brazil and he has been very impressive in the tournament so far. Having scored three out of five German goals, he has become a key figure in the side. So impressive has been his form, his manager Horst Hrubesch is astonished that he doesn’t get more of a chance at Arsenal.

Speaking to German site Hrubesch said: “He’s shown what he can do to everybody. I’m just annoyed that he is never shown this faith by his club.”

First of all it is obvious that Olympic football isn’t exactly at the same standard as the Premier league and so no matter how impressive Gnabry is at the tournament, it doesn’t mean he’ll be able to replicate such quality and have such an impact at Arsenal in the Premier League. We also must remember that Gnabry has a lot of competition for places on the wing at Arsenal and I’m sure that’s why Wenger tried to secure regular playing time for the winger last season with West Brom. Despite what we think about the likes of the Ox, Walcott and Campbell, all three of them are favoured by Wenger over Gnabry and that is quite possibly the right decision. In addition to the trio, Gnabry also has Alexis and Iwobi as competition, whilst we have also seen Ramsey playing on the wing instead of giving Gnabry a chance.

Perhaps Hrubesch is right and we should be giving him more of a chance, however considering he’s still only 21 years old, I’d say he still has plenty of time to show what he has to offer before Arsenal consider pulling the plug on his time in North London. The German youngster of course does have the capability to become a star in the future, but it’s also important he shows the quality he possesses on a consistent basis and in order to do this, I think it’s important Arsenal secure another loan move for the winger this season.

2 thoughts on “Should Gnabry have more of a role at Arsenal?

  1. No, Gnabry is an over-weight, unfit lazy player with a very bad attitude. He has no future at Arseanlo while Wenger is the manager.

    He will go out on loan again and will have to put some decent shifts in at the club to get a chance at Arsenal.

    Zelalem was the opposite last season, a key player at Rangers and a popular one, a successful one …. and he might not get a place in the first team, so Gnabry has zero chance.

  2. Good morning


    On what basis you saying has bad attitude ?
    He is just 21 and to make some allegation i don`t think is right.
    Gnabry admittedly saw him playing few time like everyone else and i must say very impressed.
    The mind blowing thing here is you give Theo 10 years and still he cannot master his first touch while Gnabry and his likes are shelved after few appearance.
    To me is more of favouritism more than anything,

    Zelalem is way to light for a premier league.

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