Should Petr Cech still be Arsenal’s Number One keeper?

In the world of soccer today, there is this general notion that older goalkeepers play better than the younger ones! There is this belief among all that the older the goalkeeper, the better! Is this always true? Don’t we have young keepers who have made names for themselves? Must older goalies always do well just because they are more experienced? Is Petr Cech the best goal keeper presently in Arsenal simply because he is old and experienced?

Football is dynamic, from season to season, it changes and improves. A good player this season may find out he won’t be relevant next season, unless he flows along with the change. So, what makes a goalkeeper better? His prowess in between the sticks or the ability of his defenders to do their jobs well?

Petr Cech came to England at a tender age of 19. He was making waves in his homeland before Chelsea decided to bring him to England to give him the exposure needed to be a good footballer. He did wonders at Chelsea, kept plenty numbers of clean sheet, won titles for Chelsea and even won personal laurels in the process! He was young when he came to Chelsea and he achieved all these, despite his relative young age.

Casillas became a first team goal keeper at Real Madrid at the age of 17! He won a lot of titles for Madrid, in between the sticks. He went on to keep for Madrid for more than 10 years and during all those times, he got better. He left Madrid after having issues with ‘the special one’. But his performances at Madrid will never be forgotten.

Joe Hart became England’s first choice goal keeper because of his performances for Man City. He did so well for Man City to the extent that the national team handlers had no choice than to invite him to the national team. He is currently not in Man City not because he has lost form, but the coach at Man City didn’t like him! He is doing well at the club he is playing for now.

What am I trying to say here? Petr Cech is still a good goal keeper but his performances this season is not something to write home about. If we are to challenge for trophies next season, we seriously need to be scouting for a young goalie who is a first choice for his current club and who is really doing well. I am not of the opinion that older goal keepers play better than the younger ones, it is all about the defensive set up of the team he plays and the agility of the keeper involved! Cech is too old for a top team like Arsenal. He can be kept as a back-up keeper but as Arsenal’s first choice? No sirs! Anybody here with suggestions of a good, young goalies?

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