Should Wenger get a new Arsenal contract before the season starts?

It is being reported today that Arsenal will open talks with Arsene Wenger over a new contract weeks after the talks were first rumoured to be happening. The manager has been under more pressure in the last three or four seasons more than he ever has before at the club. Some fans have even called for his head several times in this uneasy period of time which, to me, is very surprising.

The club were on such a roll when Wenger first arrived. Premier League titles, Cup titles season after season and a Champions League final in 2006 but since then the club seems to have been on a downhill slide.


Because players like Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg and Jens Lehman were never ever replaced properly. You could argue that players like Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri were the replacements but they all left the club and they were the only decent players in the squad – whereas when the legends above were in the squad, there was two or three players behind them in the pecking order who were still top quality players and could give give them decent backup.

Since those players left, the golden generation has been replaced by cheap, young players who are Europa League quality, not Champions League final quality.

None of this is Wenger’s fault though, in my opinion. We know that Stan Kroenke likes to run Arsenal without having to invest, along with most of the other board members, and they give Wenger a budget every season that is probably three to five times less than the clubs around Arsenal.

Yet with no real budget to buy big players, he has kept the club in the Champions League every season since he arrived at the club. The club may not be challenging for trophies and that needs to change. Arsene Wenger deserves a new contract as without him I believe the club would have been playing in the Europa League for the last three seasons.

Give the man a new contract and money to spend so we can forget about these last few years of failure and get back to the top of world football.

That is my opinion, but do you think we should wait until we see how the next season panns out before beginining talks?

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3 thoughts on “Should Wenger get a new Arsenal contract before the season starts?

  1. I think he deserve it now, with the present sutiation both the manager,player and the fans are going to be happy again.

  2. Thanks for that insightful piece.It’s refreshing to know that
    someone truly understand the facts of the matter.Arsenal fans must realize that the real boss is Stan Kroenke. Can anyone imagine Kroenke or any football team owner, for that matter, laying cash on the
    table with clear instructions to the manager to build a team that can challenge for titles? You’d bet we’ll have won at least one or two trophies last season. Arsene Wenger is world class. Let’s make sure we don’t loose him.Now,hear this prediction:The next premier league belongs to Arsenal.

  3. So let me get this right Arsenal have gone 9 seasons without the English Title soon to be a decade and none of it is wengers fault??? I stopped reading when you said that.
    Wenger has has money to spend every season he just refuses to spend it on proper talent instead he sign players like sonogoo and tell us they are top players. But yet you come here telling me its not Arsene’s fault.


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