Should Wenger unleash The Ox against Man United and drop Arshavin?

The new young Arsenal striker Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been impressive every time he has been given a run-out by Arsene Wenger, and many fans think that he should now be given a starting place ahead of the inconsistent Andrei Arshavin.

Now that Arsenal are big outsiders in the England Premiership betting lines, then surely it is time for Wenger to start blooding his young talents so they are ready to play a full part next season.

The Gunners keeper Wojciech Szczesny feels that The Ox is ready for the first team, but thinks that if Wenger has decided to be patient then the managers decision should be respected.

The young Pole said: “I’m a big fan of Alex. He is very unpredictable with what he does on the pitch, he is very direct, he can get past people and he has a good cross on him.

“I like him a lot. I think he is ready but it’s the manager’s decision and he knows what he is doing. You’ve seen it over the years with the examples of myself and Jack Wilshere.”

But Oxlade-Chamberlain is big and strong and very confident, all things that Andrei Arshavin is not, so I just have to vote for The Ox to start against Man Utd this afternoon. Is anyone with me?

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39 thoughts on “Should Wenger unleash The Ox against Man United and drop Arshavin?

  1. Yes dear i like he more than Arshanvin foolish wenger should give him a chance today to play against man.u

  2. Yep, it’s not going to get any worst if The OX starts ahead of Arshavin. We know Arshavin for giving away possesion so easily.

  3. Aim in suport with our gokipers decision AOC is ready to play looking at A performance. This is also the very timefor wenger to star exposing thse young stars so that we reduce the expense for the next summer transfer season.

  4. I’am a big fan of OX becouse i have seen his couples of game and he’s such a terrafic player to watch in the likes of Ashley Young so i think he’ll be a delight to watch against United if given the liberty.pehap Ashavin lack the very cuting edge we’ll need to over run United so i think he deserve to start today.

  5. I wana agree wit dx. Dis is d ryt time 2 unleash dx gr8 talent,he’s proved his worth,& i knw he deserves a place in d strtn lines dx aftnun

  6. if i were wenger i could start with chamberlain coz of his display. he is physically fit, confident and has the required speed… am wth our brilliant keeper szczsesny………….no fear,,,,they also hva proplems

  7. I think is time for Prof. to start motivating OX. in respect to what he has done so far, i can’t label player for our manager because is just the best, he know what to do at a right time. But i will prefer Ox this afternoon than Arshavin.

  8. yes i strongly agree with the goal keeper chamberlin should be first in starting line up rather than arshavine he is already tired and tired.

  9. we all are,but believe me AW will start AA and only play OC if we are chasing the game or lost it,he always waits for the worst to happen,just like he did in the swansea game,everyone knew the players under performing but,wenger made the necessary changes late

  10. You make him sound like a wild animal `unleash the Ox`……lol
    Asharvin, like Mertesacker, is not up to the pace of the EPL, they`re not lazy it`s just the way nature made them. Mertesacker would have made the perfect centre half sixty years ago but not in todays game. Asharvin would do much better if he were played in the hole (instead of Ramsey) but the two should rotate as Asharvin is short on stamina to. Myself I`d like to see “the OX” play alongside Henry or RVP in a 4-4-2 formation, let`s not stick him out on the wing as we did with Walcott to”learn his trade”, let him learn it in the middle with two of the best, but that`s just me.

  11. Unleash the Ox against Man Utd.Let him go face to face with Raphael.Let him explore.Can’t wait to watch him outplay their right full back.Because of his lightening pace,Raphael will be afraid to overlap….Ox,Ox,Ox,Ox….

  12. Ox and arsenal’s first team should be a done deal, …..mmm Wenger’s decision for Andrei i think he got bad.. Ox should be unleashed.

  13. All has been said, let Ox start then w’ll have the points with lesser effort. We are arsenal till we die.

  14. Yes of course.i think the ox is ripe enough to be let wenges give him the chance

  15. I am a very big fan of the OX,and i believe he is over ripe 4 first team shirt,ARSENE should give him the chance,after all Arshavin is not helping matters.

  16. Yea i support OX 2 start ahead of Ashavin. D likes of Rapheal ad co. Wil be tired y chasing him around, then u can bring in Ashavin who re more experienced than OX. Arsenal need to be physical throught d duration of d game. Thus we 0X 2 start.

  17. No play 4411 today with walcott and ox on the flanks arshavin just behind rvp and song and ramsey in the middle

  18. I think all that has been said is both right and beautiful. But one can’t help but wonder whether Wenger goes through some of these blogs and goes ahead to do the exact opposite of what is obviously clear.
    To me i ain’t keeping my fingers crossed. Deep down in our minds we knw wat he will do and all of us wld be surprised if Arsenal wins d game. Sad indeed!

  19. pls my follow,bro and sister if u want to make comment just make it i live ok dont abuse wenger pls.baba pls start ox d buy can do it we need this match baba .thank u very much its me disu ahmed aka robbyson….. Pls mail me if u need paints ok i will supply and painting it bye for now am a through gunners up gunners for life,……

  20. Wenger please play AOC from the start ,make changes early(55mins) not @ (80) when it is to late. I hope Thierry is on the bench ready to play.Wenger dont let this game be a disaster, choose your best players to start.Fans today please lift the players dont stop singing+ calling out their names.200% from every player please. Good luck.

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