Silent Stan speaks out on Arsenal and Wenger

Stan Kroenke is often labelled as silent Stan because of his seemingly ‘little’ involvement with Arsenal, despite being the club’s majority shareholder. Rarely attending games as well as the usual frequent meetings, if you have a question for Mr Kroenke then its perhaps more difficult than you may have first thought to get hold of him. However he was in attendance for this year’s annual general meeting (AGM) and was able to shed some light on what was going on at the club.

Arsenal fans have been left more than happy so far this season, with the signing of Mesut Ozil as well as the high performing Gunners team that have taken the club to the crown of the league. It’s a different story as to whether or not we will be there in May 2014, however ultimately for now the times are certainly positive for Arsenal and the team can continue the standard it’s been playing at, then I don’t think we will have any problem with at least posing a serious challenge for a trophy this season.

Stan Kroenke seems to agree and the American businessman was on hand to say:
“We are pleased with the progress of the club, most importantly progress on the pitch. None of us up here [on the board], fans, players, or Arsene [Wenger] are happy until we have won trophies, we have said that over again and are committed to that. It is also important for the club to be successful commercially, and we are pleased with that. We have come a long way, with the debt being paid down, commercial revenues are increasing. We have more [deals] coming and are confident. However, nothing works unless we have success on the pitch.”

Unfortunately his remark about the deals probably doesn’t mean incoming transfers for January however what it will mean is further sponsorship, which if secured could be very beneficial in investing in some more fantastic football players for this club to show off.

The statement on Wenger suggests that as many seem to think, Le Prof won’t retire from his position until he reclaims glory with the Gunners, whilst the players are getting some praise. It’s rare that an Arsenal fan is happy to hear from Stan Kroenke however for once I think we can all remain positive about the way Arsenal football club is moving forward.

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