Silly season starts here with Arsenal’s £100m transfer kitty!

Arsenal’s title bid dies as newspapers look to another ‘summer spending spree’


Every year around this time talk concerning Arsenal in the newspapers and online changes from ‘will they win the title?’ to ‘who will they buy this summer?’

Almost exclusively since the failed title bid of 2007/08, Arsenal has become embroiled in late-spring transfer rumours as one season dies and hope of better in the next begins.

Today, it was revealed in the Telegraph that Arsene Wenger will be given the ‘largest transfer budget in the clubs history’ this summer – well, that’s this season finished with then.

For as soon as newspapers begin seriously discussing Arsenal’s summer targets then the current title effort is written off. Not that Wenger can complain, for punters on bet365 know we were in the running before a February/March implosion that he himself saw coming and did nothing about in the January window.

Gunners fans have a choice when confronted with headlines such as the Telegraph’s. Either read on excitedly as your eyes mist over in delusion, or seriously consider what the story is actually telling you.

In this instance, the newspaper confirms Stan Kronke remains ‘steadfast’ in his backing of Wenger (he’s not going to say anything else to the press) and will give him £100m to spend this summer. That figure hasn’t come from Kronke, it’s come from calculations based on our revenue in the Champions League and Puma’s arrival onto the scene.

It all sounds rather like the £70m war-chest the press rattled on about all last summer, only for it to be spent on none but Mesut Ozil.

As Arsenal fans and bet365 regulars we should have learned by now not to get over excited by what the media and plenty of blogs online ‘reveal’ from inside the club. With so much attention on effectively a bunch of 30 or 40 blokes who do naught but train most days of the week, it’s easy to see why rumours and non stories are created.

The majority of column inches, especially online, are devoted to Arsenal’s future, and it gets incredibly annoying when you’re searching for news to sift through the ‘top 10 summer signings’ list someone has created from his encyclopaedic knowledge of Football Manager.

To make the Telegraph story even less credible, Kronke isn’t quoted. Wenger himself is afford just four words of quotes while the majority of the backing comes from Wojciech Szczesny, who actually seems to be talking about himself.

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