Small squad size could cause Arsenal big problems

Although the transfer window still has around 5 weeks before it’s closed on the 2nd of September, it has already been 8 weeks since it was opened in June and so far we have seen several players labelled as deadwood leave the club, but we are yet to see any more additions to the club aside from young French Under 20 international striker Yaya Sanogo.

Although it’s great that Arsenal have let go of so many ‘deadwood’ players and cleared our wage bill, it’s worrying to think that technically we are a worse squad than last season, because we no longer have the same amount of depth in the squad. Of course our starting XI has remained the same, but in terms of back-up players and reserves in case of injuries, there’s been a bit of a swap around at the club and now we will soon be set to enter the new Premier league 2013/14 season with few options in terms of squad size.

Many have suggested that it isn’t a problem because nothing about the team has really changed because none of the outgoing players were ever regulars with Arsenal, with only Vito Mannone and Andrei Arshavin really getting a few run outs last term. But the fact is, although they didn’t play often, they were in the squad for squad depth, rotation and a bench place just in case of injury or suspension to a first team regular.

I suppose on a good note we can replace these fringe players with younger fringe players in the likes of Gnabry, Martinez and Miyaichi, who of course will all be on much lower wages and general demands, but what’s particularly frustrating is to see the fact that we all at one point expected Squillaci, Denilson and Arshavin to be replaced with good to average players who could provide admirable backup in the last case option. I suppose we do have that now in the young players mentioned above however it’s just frustrating to see the fact that we seem to have been lied to once again as fans of Arsenal Football Club.

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5 thoughts on “Small squad size could cause Arsenal big problems

  1. I think the squad is far stronger than last season and it is also larger. Sure the young players are young but they are no less able than those that have or set to leave Mannone santos squillaci coquelin denilson arshavin gervinho park chamqkh campbell and bendtner can be adequately replaced by martinez bellerin miquel yennaris aneke eisfeld gnabry zelalem sanogo olsson afobe. We also have ryo and frimpong back in a few months. I think the only player that has yet to be replaced is djourou. However that is not to say we don’t need some world class signings but please no more deadwood rubbish its been hard enough trying to shift the last lot. I want 5 world class players a keeper a defender a holding midfielder an attacking midfielder and a striker. Cesar gustavo fellaini fabregas and suarez

    1. I enjoyed and agree with your comments with the exception of Suarez, but it seems he`s the only world class striker available. I don`t think we will see any signings that will increase the pulse rate and I expect Wenger to use our young players after impressive showings on the pre season tour.

  2. Cesar Gondugan gustauvo williams Richards suarez thz aa the new players tht we nid for the gonners Wenger do smting

  3. Amazing how last year is forgotten. We struggled against the top teams and crept into fourth place. Now the other clubs have refreshed themselves and definitely look stronger. With such a shallow squad we will probably, like the last two seasons, find ourselves with no chance of winning the Premier League, after a few games. I really don’t understand the delusion and fantasies of many supporters. Why would you expect to suddenly win the premiership without improving the squad and signing top players. We are not better than United, Chelsea or City. Spurs and some other clubs are improving. Lets get real and sign some quality players before a few injuries send us spiraling downwards. Our squad is too, too shallow.

    1. steve

      check the numbers our squad is as big as united, Chelsea, man city and spurs. even with all the departures and loan outs we still have 26 players in the first team squad as well as an additional 40 players in the academy of which 23 are full professionals. we also have more full international players (28) than any of our rivals.

      man city have added 4 but lost 2, Chelsea also lost some players but have added schurrle as the only player of note.

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