Arsenal are gaining a real confidence boost this summer, with so many players coming out and stating the club’s ambition and the players’ own respective desires for the team to achieve greater things next season. We have already seen the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey come out and state their desires to regain glory at Arsenal after experiencing so many years of trophy hurt.

We have also seen last year’s summer signings Olivier Giroud and now Santi Cazorla tell their tales of Arsenal’s ambitious wishes. We know Cazorla isn’t lacking of confidence on the pitch and by the sound of his words he is confident off it as well, with the Spanish magician firmly believing Arsenal can improve and achieve greater things next year.

Cazorla said; “We have great players. I am sure next season we will be a better team and improve. Next season we hope we can be even better and win trophies and the supporters can enjoy it, that is what Arsenal really wants.”

Many have wondered whether the managerial changes across the league will play a big factor on the title race next season. United have lost Sir Alex Ferguson after so long, whilst the return of Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini’s arrival at City has got some people worried, but not our midfield maestro.

Cazorla stated; “I do not think it influences too much (the title race). The most radical change is at Manchester United because Ferguson has been there for so long. It will be a little difficult at the start for a new manager, but I don’t think it influences too much in terms of being an advantage for other teams. There are great managers at those clubs and I am sure it will be just as difficult.”

I think its great so many players are voicing their opinions on the club and how ambitious we should be. It’s vital for a team to be successful, that the players must believe in themselves and be confident they can achieve glory. Do you think Wigan would have beaten Man City in the Capital One Cup, if they didn’t have that glory driven mentality and desire to win. You could even take a look at our own past and wonder that perhaps it was Arsenal’s lack of winning mentality and nervousness that caused us to underperform against Birmingham City two years back and ultimately lose the game on the back of a mistake, but the point is if the players continue to carry this confident mentality throughout the course of the season, then pair it with a few top quality signings and we are in for an exciting season without a doubt.

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