Stop Cheering For Arsenal They’re Looking To Earn Not Play!


Arsenal’s board doesn’t seem too interested in the football side of the club being highly concentrated on earning money. So it seems that they are looking to make money through the club’s cash profits even if that means disrespecting Arsenal’s amazing history and using players who are clearly below the levels those from Henry’s generation would have needed to be.

Chairman Peter Hill-Wood said: “We are proud of Arsenal’s record and consistency over many seasons and have the foundations in place, at every level of the club, to ensure we remain a force in the seasons ahead.”

Gazidis seems to be a bit more interested in how the Gunners are going to perform on the pitch too, but not too much.

“It’s important to acknowledge that the most important thing for this football club, the most important thing for our fans, and the most important thing for the board and the people that work at the club is how we do on the pitch.

“We have a healthy cash balance of £115 million for the half year.

“But it’s important to understand that not all that money’s available to invest in transfers.

“We have running costs of the club, player salaries and so on, so that amount goes down during the year.

“We also have to keep something in reserve in case things don’t go our way.

“There is money available, we don’t talk about an exact figure – and there’s a very good reason why we don’t put an exact figure on that – because it would impact on our negotiating position.

“We have to invest efficiently, we have to invest sensibly.”

So if you were expecting a busy summer with loads of top quality transfers, if you wanted Arsenal to win trophies next year or simply see top players brought in than you have to face the reality. It wasn’t Wenger applying this suicidal policy all along.

If you ever wanted to know why the likes of Clichy, Fabregas, Nasri and many others were let go you can now find that out.

7 thoughts on “Stop Cheering For Arsenal They’re Looking To Earn Not Play!

  1. You have got to be taking the p!ss if you’re writing a supporters blog telling people not to cheer for the team. A real supporter would never even say such a thing let alone write a blog about it. So you have a problem with the board and you think the solution to that is to not cheer for the team. I hope you don’t own a season ticket because those in the stadium should be there to make noise for the players.

  2. No, he’s right. A true supporter would understand when the club they support is in trouble. This is not the Arsenal we all know and love. There are places in this club that wouldn’t even be playing in the lowest clubs. The board is just interested in making money. They are destroying everything Arsenal has built over these last few years. We have the ability to be one of the best clubs in England, in the world but instead, the board just wants to make money and doesnt care how the club actually performs. We’re shooting for fourth place? Is that the best we can do?

    1. What is your investment in the club Arsenal rather than watching games. So keep your mouth shut and watch them play or else go and support some other club.

  3. So your suggestion is to stop cheering ??? That’s idea is wrong firstly because it’ll cause the team to perform worse and secondly because it in no way conveys the message that you want the board to spend more money. In short it’s a stupid idea.

  4. The main reasons why Arsenal is a well supported club are that:- 1, We play beautiful football, 2 we are considered a family club and we give chances to players to prove themselves (and dont just hire and fire), 3, We do things the right way buy living within our means, spending responsibly and making profits and finally we develop some of the best players in the world i.e Henry, Fabregras, Van Persie, Viera even Na$ri and the upcoming Wilshere. Weve done all that on a shoestring budget and make profits, the next time we win a trophy, us as Arsenal supporters can be proud to say we earnt the trophy and didnt buy the trophy. Thats one of the reasons i love this club. Victoria Concordia Crescit….In all aspect!!!!

  5. matt and mark how blinded n myopic you ar,if the suppoter and fans refuse to watch and buy shirts wia will they get money from,u said beatiful football,show me that sexy ball,all past glory,unbeating past,wakeup n get solid player if trophy must come.

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