As Arsenal fans have learned over the last painful decade or so, the transfer market can be a pretty complicated affair, with agents, opposing clubs, competition and many other factors to be taken into account. But any transfer can be made easier if the player involved is very keen, although it does not always make it happen.

We saw recently with Luis Suarez that even though he was keen to join Arsenal and made no secret of it, Liverpool were able to scupper the deal. On the other hand, with the likes of Robin van Persie, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, the players’ own wishes were a big part of making the transfers happen.

So the news that the extremely talented young striker Paolo Dybala, who has been the subject of a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumouyrs as the January window draws near, has expressed his interest in coming to the Premier League and becoming a Gunner, as reported by

The Argentinean starlet is currently sparkling for Palermo in Serie A but if he continues the way he has begun then there will soon be a number of top European clubs knocking on his door. So maybe Arsene Wenger needs to make his move as soon as possible.

Dybala said, “”To know that someone like that thinks highly of me fills me with pride.

“I can’t deny that going to Arsenal and playing in the Premier League would be great, but at the moment I’m a Palermo player.”

Another striker might not be the priority for Arsenal, but maybe we cannot afford to wait on this one.

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