Surely Carlos Vela would be better than Chamakh or Bendtner?

All the recent talk has been about Arsenal signing Lukas Podolski, about selling Chamakh, not having a proper backup to van Persie and that loaning Bendtner off was a mistake.

Really, though, where is Carlos Vela?

Just two seasons ago, the Mexican was lauded as one of the players of the future. Arsenal fans witnessed his outstanding goals and his seemingly innate ability to chip the ball. He always came off the bench and added goals to the Arsenal, so surely he ought to be in contention as a squad player at least?

For Real Sociedad he has been playing well, recently even scoring an excellent bicycle kick in a key match against Malaga CF recently. With players like Chamakh and Arshavin falling out of favour, why is Wenger even wasting his time trying to convince the press he does not have a backup when indeed he has one in the Mexican striker?

It does not look like he will be staying for much longer either. At the age of 22, being loaned off is hardly good news for your future at a club. His number 11 was given to Andre Santos, and he looks like another promising lad gone from the club. Furthermore, Arsene Wenger has not even spoken of him in any press conferences yet this season. What happened to the man who showed much promise? Did Wenger starve this starlet of playing time? Will he stay at Arsenal, and if he leaves will he excel?

I think he is more or less gone from Arsenal. There could have been a conflict internally between him and the coach, he could have been homesick but that is just speculation. Just as many others have, Vela may have been forced out of the club just because of a lack of playing time. He is a good player, one that most managers would like on their team, but perhaps Arsenal is not the right place for him. Regardless of where he ends up, we should wish him the best of luck.

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3 thoughts on “Surely Carlos Vela would be better than Chamakh or Bendtner?

  1. i was saying this exact thing earlier today the way he moves on the ball and off the ball puts him ahead of those two flops hes scored in more than half of the matches he has featured for us in but still wenger doesnt see him as good enough the guys quick high work rate the only problem is in some games he goes unnoticed for most of the game then pops up he needs to get more involved but how can he with so few games I think hes an amazing talent that arsene seems to be wasting but look how much time he spent on diaby, bendtner, denilson, chamakh and djorou it just dont add up

  2. Vela has always looked good when he has been loaned out to Spanish clubs. The game is slower, less physical and more technical which is the kind of game he can adapt to. Whenever he’s in the EPL he’s falling flat on his face every other minute asking for fouls because he’s an Oompa Loompa trying to take on the John Terrys of the league – sorry but it won’t work in England. Simply put the league is too physical for him and he cannot use his low centre of gravity to any good effect.

  3. Vela scores one goal in spain (OK a nice one) and suddendly he should be back on our team sheet, mmm no thanks

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