Szczesny – Now I want to see Tottenham in the Europa League!

Good old Wojciech! He’s a real Gooner and like all good Arsenal fans he doesn’t like Tottenham very much I am very proud to say. Even in the aftermath of the fantastic win over AC Milan he couldn’t help but have a dig at our “noisy neighbours”.

“We can beat anyone in the country and in Europe so it’ll give us a lot of confidence,” Szczesny said. “It hurts because it wasn’t enough and we got knocked out, but there are a lot of positives.

“I wouldn’t settle now for fourth place. We’re four points behind the other north London club, we can challenge them, Chelsea can challenge them as well, and I’ll be really pleased to see Tottenham in the Europa League next season.”

Thats the spirit Woj! We can do it!

Thomas Vermaelen also talked up the fact that if Arsenal continue to play with their newfound spirit there is no reason why they can’t make certain of a Champions League place. He said: “If we play like we did in the first half and we are consistent, I am not worried about the top four. Because if we play like we played today we can beat every team. It’s just a case of being consistent in games and if we do that we’ll be top four or top three.”

Another nice win over Newcastle next time out and we will have disposed of another rival for the Top Four. Come on you Gunners!

Watch Arsenal v AC Milan Highlights Here

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