Szczesny – Sign Henry quickly, Arsenal need him!

The Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny believes that the return of Thierry Henry to the club that made him into a legend should be completed very quickly as the Gunners need him in the team right now.

“He’s quality,” Szczesny said yesterday. “He’s still a great finisher and he’s very clever, he’s very intelligent.

“As well as that he’s a great figure to have in the dressing room. He helps all the young players off the pitch as well as on the pitch.

“It’s good to have him there and hopefully everything will be confirmed and done as soon as possible because we need him.”

Szczesny follows Robin Van Persie, who also thinks that Henry still has the quality and undoubted talent to survive in the Premier League. “It is fantastic,” Van Persie said. “For him to come back is something so brave. He has nothing to prove. He has a statue here – only a couple of players have that. He broke every single record at Arsenal – he won everything here.

“Some people might question ‘why do you do it, because you have proved everything already?’ but there is only one answer. That is because he loves the game so much that he just wants to play. I asked him a couple of weeks ago [to come back].

“He is unbelievable, even in training. He had a couple of sessions and – I don’t want to put too much pressure on him – but he is looking right up there. He is looking very good. He knows when to drop, he knows when to make a one-two. He knows all these things. I am looking forward to it so much.”

So Henry is obviously still showing his brilliance in training, let us all hope he can do just as well when he comes on and plays in a top class match (like against Man United in two weeks time?

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2 thoughts on “Szczesny – Sign Henry quickly, Arsenal need him!

  1. Absolutely walcott and gervinho are fast turning into arshavins. playing thierry pn a flank with the ox on the other would be.a.good move. if not just play him up top with rvp and play a sort of 442

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    rvp henry

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