Serie A star striker CONFIRMS Arsenal transfer interest

Even with three forwards currently out on loan at various clubs, the Arsenal boss is still not short of options for his front line, but that does not mean that the Gunners will not be looking to strengthen our striking options when the summer transfer window opens.

It remains to be seen what Arsene Wenger is going to do with the on loan Lukas Podolski, Yaya Sanogo and Joel Campbell but I very much doubt that the German World Cup winner will be part of his Arsenal team next season.

One player who might though, according to a report in The Mirror, is the AC Milan star Stephan El Shaarawy. The 22-year old forward has had a disappointing season in Italy, with injury and lack of opportunities under the manager Pippo Inzaghi leaving him frustrated and with just a single goal.

But he was one of the hottest properties in Europe before this year and Wenger seems to feel that he can bring the best out of him in the Premier League, as El Shaarawy confirmed that the Gunners have expressed interest in him.

The Italy international said, “I am gratified by Arsenal’s interest, certainly, but my objective is to come back for Milan and do well at Milan.

“I am recovering well, later this week I should be removing the cast and then the rehabilitation process can begin.”

Could a good end to the season could see Wenger trying to sign the young player for Arsenal?

Only £10m bid? Is this the reason Arsenal didn’t sign Balotelli?

The Arsenal transfer rumour mill got itself all worked up and thought that the Italy and AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli was all but signed up to play for Arsenal next season. Us fans were told to expect the deal to be completed once the Italy national team had played their last part in the World Cup, but that was some time ago and nothing has happened.

So the rumour mill has moved on and we have heard little about the 23-year old recently, until now that is. There are two separate reports today that suggest that a deal was on the cards, but they have different reasons as to why.

The Daily Mail report claims that MIlan president Silvio Berlusconi revealed that an agreement for the transfer of Balotelli was in place with an unspecified Premier League club, but that his poor showing in Brazil, where typically for England his only good game was against them, had put the prospective buyers off.

And a free dating sites in east tennessee report from Adrian Durham claims that he was told by some un-named Italian with good contacts, that the reason for the deal being off was that Arsenal had only offered £10 million for the front man. Now does that really sound like something Arsene Wenger would do? If he did, you cannot fault the Prof for his cheek.

Is Wenger in a battle with Puma over Balotelli to Arsenal transfer?

A lot of Arsenal fans have accused the manager of being more interested in balancing the books in recent years than getting the Gunners to compete for the top honours. Whether or not that is really true, or whether he has had no choice with the financial restraints placed on him by the club, it is certainly true that Wenger has been careful what he spends in the transfer market.

And the chief executive Ivan Gazidis has been instrumental in bringing in what he calls new revenue streams to the club. But now this means that the Gunners have got plenty of money to spend, so will the Prof now push the boat out in the transfer market? Only time will tell. And will he now be all about winning silverware for Arsenal?

We might soon see, because there are media reports that the new kit sponsors, Puma, are pushing hard for Arsenal to sign one of their sponsored stars, Mario Balotelli. And the word is that they want Wenger to complete the deal for the Italian before the kit launch on July 1st.

Arsenal have been strongly linked with the 23-year old AC Milan striker recently, but his performances for Italy at the World Cup have been less than encouraging. And Wenger has now rubbished the rumours about Balotelli joining the Gunners this summer. So is this a battle between manager and sponsor? And if so, is it a battle that Wenger needs to win or will he be reasonably happy to toe the line?

Clubs line up but WHY would Arsenal loan out Campbell?

The Arsenal transfer news that the Gunners’ fans want to be reading about is which players the manager is bringing in to strengthen his squad. We have already had to see our long serving FRance international Bacary Sagna join Man City, our former captain Cesc Fabregas sign for Chelsea and it looks like our current captain Thomas Vermaelen will be on his way out of the Emirates as well.

So why on earth are we also reading about which clubs are lining up to take the talented Costa Rican Joel Campbell on loan this season? Earlier this week it was being proposed that AC Milan were keen to involve the young striker in any potential transfer of Mario Balotelli, whether a loan deal or a permanent switch, and now The Mirror is reporting that Tony Pulis is looking to take him to Crystal Palace.

To be fair, if Arsene Wenger did decide to send 21-year old Campbell out on loan again this coming season, it would probably be better for him to go to another Premier League outfit, but have we learned nothing from the Romelu Lulaku saga? Arsenal have struggled for goals. Campbell scores goals and is having a great summer at the World Cup. Surely he must be in the Arsenal squad when the season starts, or am I missing something?

Van Persie – Arsenal’s Champions League exit was NOT a failure

The Arsenal skipper Robin Van Persie seems to be really happy with the way the Gunners played against AC Milan, and despite the fact that they had a really poor season, he doesn’t think that the UEFA Champions League missed qualification was a failure.

According to the skipper, the Gunners should be proud of themselves for making such a comeback and for playing an excellent game against such a powerful side.

“I don’t see that as a glorious failure at all. Glorious, yes – failure, NO!” he told the Sunday Sun.

“And I don’t think many people see it as a failure either. I think 99 per cent see it as a great evening of football and how brilliant it was for us to come back.

“Everyone wrote us off before the game. I am proud that we came back the way we did and made such a magnificent result.

“We had a real go and we came so very close. Yes there is a mixed emotion in the end because it was not quite enough over the two games but we shouldn’t be too disappointed.

“The way we played at the Emirates was brilliant, we played so well, we gave everything – we wanted it so badly everyone could see that. So it was a special night.”

The most important thing for Arsene Wenger and for almost every Gunner fan out there is for Robin to be happy at the club because everybody hopes he’ll accept to extend his contract which is due to expire in the summer of 2013.

Szczesny – Now I want to see Tottenham in the Europa League!

Good old Wojciech! He’s a real Gooner and like all good Arsenal fans he doesn’t like Tottenham very much I am very proud to say. Even in the aftermath of the fantastic win over AC Milan he couldn’t help but have a dig at our “noisy neighbours”.

“We can beat anyone in the country and in Europe so it’ll give us a lot of confidence,” Szczesny said. “It hurts because it wasn’t enough and we got knocked out, but there are a lot of positives.

“I wouldn’t settle now for fourth place. We’re four points behind the other north London club, we can challenge them, Chelsea can challenge them as well, and I’ll be really pleased to see Tottenham in the Europa League next season.”

Thats the spirit Woj! We can do it!

Thomas Vermaelen also talked up the fact that if Arsenal continue to play with their newfound spirit there is no reason why they can’t make certain of a Champions League place. He said: “If we play like we did in the first half and we are consistent, I am not worried about the top four. Because if we play like we played today we can beat every team. It’s just a case of being consistent in games and if we do that we’ll be top four or top three.”

Another nice win over Newcastle next time out and we will have disposed of another rival for the Top Four. Come on you Gunners!

Watch Arsenal v AC Milan Highlights Here

Abbiati – Arsenal are inferior to us and we have no pressure

AC Milan don’t seem to be too worried going into the second leg of their Champions League tie against Arsenal as their team goalkeeper calls for calm and a “nerveless” night.

Christian Abbiati seems to think that even though the Gunners are now in a much better form than they were two weeks ago, it’ll be basically impossible for them to turn the game around.

“Milan need to exploit their bigger experience in Europe,” the Italian told Sky Sports.

“With calm and without pressure in normal circumstances we will be able to (progress from) this round.

“Arsenal were inferior to us in the San Siro and that is the way to carry on in London. To control the ball and to score goals.

“We’re not interested in a mad match but a night with calm and without nerves. The biggest part of the elimination is done but now we need to confirm it in the second match.

“We have watched Arsenal in their recent matches and it is true they have improved. But it is really very difficult to overthrow a 4-0 deficit in 90 minutes in the top level of European football.”

“Robin van Persie is a killer in the area but we saw how to deal with him,” he added.

“We gave an example at the San Siro but at Emirates they will have more chances to create danger in our area.”

Abbiati managed to block every Arsenal attempt to score in the home leg with an incredible performance despite some very good attempts by Robin. We will have to hope he’ll be in worse form tonight if the Gunners are to progress.

Arsenal need to score early in the game and try to crush Milan’s morale as quick as possible if they want to have any chance. Then perhaps Abbiati won’t be feeling quite so calm eh?

Wenger – We Lost Our Ambition. Whose Fault Is That?

Arsenal’s manager couldn’t really find his words after the battering Arsenal got against AC Milan last night in the Champions League knockout stage, but he admitted that the Gunners had an absolute horrible night and that they were powerless in front of Milan.

“It’s a night never to forget,” he said. “It was our worst night in Europe by far. We made mistake after mistake and were punished, and deservedly so.

“It would be unfair for me to blame the pitch. The pitch was a disaster, but our performance was at the level of the pitch. It was a shocking result and a shocking performance.

“We were never in the game. We were very poor offensively and defensively. It was shocking to see. It’s our worst performances in Europe by far.

“We let our ambitions down as a unit. We felt powerless to get into the game.”

The single question remaining now is what’s the Frenchman up to in the last part of the season?  He can only fight for a cup, the league title is gone and the Champions League is gone too after the horrible performance Arsenal put on, so what’s he going to do in the rest of the season?

Wenger Knows The Way To Take Advantage. Will The Gunners Triumph?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger worries that the Gunners might face a fierce battle against Milan if they don’t try to start just as strong as the Frenchman expects the Italians to start.

Arsenal will have to worry about the classic Italian “cattenacio” which is well known for causing damage to teams like Wenger’s who like attacking just a touch too much.

“It is a game which, for me, is a real 50/50 where it is very important for us that we have a positive attitude in the first game.

“I believe they will start strong and it is important at the start of the game how much we win our fights in every area of the field.

“It will be very important not to let them on top of us but the way we need to start strong will be very important to us.”

Wenger will have to make sure he has defenders fast enough to deal with the likes of Robinho, Maxi or Pato and strong enough to counter the skills of Ibrahimovic who is likely to cause damage if he will have enough space in the box. What do you think will Arsenal do?

Mathieu Flamini back to Arsenal on a free transfer?

There seemed to be a lot of bitterness from Mathieu Flamini when he left Arsenal, and he blamed Arsene Wenger for not offering him a contract extension until he suddenly improved his form after coming back from injury.

But today Caughtoffside is suggesting that Arsenal are considering offering Flamini the chance to return to the Emirates if AC Milan let him leave on a free transfer in the summer.

The French midfielder has been in and out of the Milan side in the four years he has been there, mostly due to injury problems, and never followed up on his promise for the France national team either.

So with Flamini still rehabilitating from from his pre-season cruciate injury it now seems unlikely that Milan are going to offer to extend his contract before it ends in June so he is now free to talk to forign clubs about a Bosman move.

So would Wenger really consider bringing him back on a free transfer?