Arsenal legend has NO faith in Wenger boys winning BPL title!!

After Aaron Ramsey scored the extra time goal to beat Hull City at Wembley and give Arsenal football Club an FA cup to celebrate for the first time in nine years, a lot of us fans are dreaming that Arsene Wenger can go one step further next season, by winning the Premier League to become the champions of England again.

But former Gunner and long time Gooner, Tony Adams, does not see it happening, despite the importance of the FA cup trophy for everyone connected with the club. Adams does not always cover himself with glory when making statements to the media, but you have to agree that he could have a point on this one.

Arsenal and the Captaincy Conundrum

We are all aware that Arsenal’s current captain is Thomas Vermaelen and although at the beginning of last season you would have thought he could be the next Tony Adams; dominating, controlling and being both physically and mentally strong in making his presence known, it seemed as if the captaincy was just right for him, but a year later and it’s surprising to see how it seems that was wrong.

Adams as Arsenal chairman? Maybe not but Chips IS too old

Tony Adams. What can you say? A true Arsenal legend, captain, leader and role model on the pitch, but off it, well he’s not the greatest. Failed managerial attempts have seen his profile drop and in my opinion he certainly hasn’t helped himself with his latest comments.

Upon the announcement that Peter Hill-Wood would be stepping down and his replacement would be Sir Chips Keswick, Adams came out in response today, stating that he too applied for the chairmanship.