Gervinho – Every game is tough for me..

The Arsenal winger Gervinho has admitted that he hasn’t been playing to the best of his ability since he joined the Gunners last summer, and although most people say that it always takes a year for foreign players to bed in at the Permiership he doesn’t think that next season will get any easier.

“I am happy about my first season but I know I can do better,” Gervinho said. “I have scored and given assists but I also created a few chances that I missed. If I had been more efficient, it would have been even better.

Wenger wants Gervinho and Chamakh to go to AFCON later than expected

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is set to request that Morocco and the Ivory Coast allow his two strikers, Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh to join up with their respective squads later than the appointed time.

He is hoping for special dispensation to keep them both with Arsenal to play in the FA Cup match against Leeds. Wenger said: “The competition starts on the 21st of January,”

“They have normally, legally, to turn up 14 days before, that means the 7th. We will ask for delays for both of them, at least until the Leeds game on the 9th.