Will Chamberlain Still Be A First Team Option?

Arsenal have strenghtened their squad with the likes of Podolski and Giroud, and if that wasn’t enough, they will also probably bring in Spanish star Santi Cazorla. This is amazing for the squad, but it seems that Wenger is trying his best to bring in players exactly where Chamberlain could play.

The speedy English youngster came to Arsenal as a winger, but Wenger has spoken on several turns about his interest to turn The Ox into an attacking midfielder. Despite being now able to play on both positions, Chamberlain fears that he may not be a first team player next season.

Should Oxlade-Chamberlain Still Play for Arsenal Once Gervinho is Back?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to rush Gervinho into the first team spot as soon as the winger comes back from his African Nations Cup experience, where he is set to fight against Zambia for the trophy in the final.

Gervinho will find things a bit changed at Arsenal when he gets back, as he will discover that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is now seen as the favourite to play in his position, and that he’ll have to fight with both him and Walcott for one of the two winger spots available.

“Gervinho is in the final,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

Capello Fixating Over Chamberlain Debut

Arsenal’s rising star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain might become the next high potential national squad player for England sooner than everybody thought as Capello is planning on calling him up for the friendly match against Holland from the end of the month.

Capello seems set to get Chamberlain ready for this season’s EURO 2012, and the game against Holland is the perfect moment to do that.

“Obviously it [England call-up] would be very nice, but I have just got to keep my feet on the ground and take it step by step.”, declared Chamberlain.

Is Wenger Paranoid Over Chamberlain Injury?

After what happened at the beginning of the season with club playmaker Jack Wilshere, manager Arsene Wenger is now afraid that the same thing might happen to new star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain if he overuses the player and gives him more opportunities than he can take.

“That is what happened to us last year with Wilshere, it was exactly the same.”

“At the start of the season you think: ‘I will play him 20 games, maybe 25’, but after they deliver a performance, they play 45 and then they play for the national team and then they get injured.

Chamberlain’s Not Interested In EURO Possibility

Arsenal’s wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain confirmed his incredible late form with a great appearance today against Blackburn and with two excellent goals, the first of his life in the Premier League.

“It was an enjoyable day for everyone,” he told Sky Sports.

“We knew we had to bounce back after the 0-0 away at Bolton and the amount of chances we created there but failed to score. We knew that if we created chances eventually we would take them and today, by the scoreline, I think we did take them.

Arsenal Got Themselves A New Star

It seems that Arsenal has finally find itself the new star people were waiting for ever since Wilshere came into the picture. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain proved to be an amazing player time and time again and even though he wasn’t able to play as of late, he put in an incredible performance against United.

The game only seems to have starttled the lad’s thirst for the game and now he’s roaring for more saying that he can’t wait for the next match to come.

“It’s nice when you know the crowd are on your side,” said Oxlade-Chamberlain

Wenger Snubs Chamberlain Talks

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has snubbed the rumours which were linking club wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with a possible loan move until the end of the season saying that the youngster is almost ready to break into the first team.

Reports have appeared saying that the Ox might be in for a loan move after his downfall since October when he managed to impress everyone with a couple of appearances.

“He is very close now and he will be used in the next six months for sure,” Wenger told Arsenal.com “He is working on [his defensive side], his urgency and his committed level as well.

Wenger Thinks He’s Found A New Wonderkid

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger spoke about his new wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain saying that even though the 19-year-old hasn’t come on all that often he’s ready to play at a top level and he only needs a bit more time to get experience.

According to the Professor Chamberlain will have to be thrown in a few high intensity matches before he will be able to start exploiting his real potential.

“The other night, again, I could have brought him on at Aston Villa and you have no hesitation to do it. But you do not want him to be a little bit overawed by the intensity of the game. He is ready to play.

Wenger – It’s not early for the OX

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is afraid that calling Chamberlain to the 2012 EURO might not be such a good idea at such an early stage in his life and that the boss must make sure to take him step by step in order to help the player develop to his full potential.

“I would like to see [him go to Euro 2012] but let’s go step by step,” said the Frenchman. “I think in England you always take the fast track. To go to the European Championships you need experience in the Premier League so it is important he gets that first.

Chamberlain – The English senior squad is not my priority now

Arsenal’s new wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain spoke a bit about himself to the club’s official website. It seems that the player is not yet interested to hear the rumours about him joining the England senior national squad to next year’s EURO 2012 because he still wants to concentrate to get into the first team at Arsenal.

“I do not look too much into that because at the moment it has not happened,” he said. “I am not in the senior squad, I am in the Under-21s and the way I see it is that we go away in February and that is my focus.”