Arsenal and Wigan both have to win- Get ready for Goals!

It should be a good game for the neutral, as they say, between Arsenal and Wigan at the Emirates on Tuesday. Results today have left Wigan needing six points from their last two games, while Arsenal need to win to go back above Tottenham into the top four and leave our Champions League destiny in our own hands.

Wigan tend to play an attacking style of football anyway, while Arsenal dominate possession and are the joint top scorers at home in the Premier League, with 43 goals from 18 games, the same as Man United. Neither team can afford to play safe, so it should ba fast and furious game.

Van Persie to Barcelona? – Arsenal attacked by the media yet again

Certain media outlets are fabricating stories about Van Persie’s status at Arsenal again.

“Barcelona plan to use Cesc Fabregas to convince former Arsenal teammate Robin van Persie about a move to the Nou Camp.

The Daily Star Sunday says Barca will point out to £40million-rated Arsenal skipper Van Persie that Fabregas has already won THREE trophies since his switch from The Emirates last summer.

Van Persie’s trophy cabinet, on the other hand, is empty as Arsenal have failed for the seventh successive year to land a cup.”

Wenger not happy with the Milan pitch but promises to attack

AC Milan have relaid the San Siro pitch this week and Arsene Wenger is not very impressed with their work, in fact he believes they have made it worse not better!

He said: “They relaid it on Monday, we’re playing Wednesday. So it’s terrible. Out of respect for the supporters it should be a better pitch. I think they wanted to make the pitch better but they’ve made it worse. They told me it will be much better tonight. It has been relaid down the flanks very recently and you know what it is like when you have just laid a pitch like that. It takes time to settle and become flat. At the moment, it isn’t.”

Is Alex Song Arsenal’s replacement for Fabregas?

Alex Song is commonly known as Arsenal’s defensive midfielder, but true to Arsene Wenger’s form he still wants the Cameroonian to join in with Arsenal’s attack with his new found freedom.

Wenger said: “First of all, if you asked Alex, ‘do you want to attack or defend?’, he would say attack,”

“He is naturally a guy who tends to go forward and he always had good vision.

“He has improved his technique of transmission. When he arrived here, the passing of his longer balls was not the best. But he was worked on that, improved on that and now he can combine vision with technique.

Wenger Ready For Changes As He Attacks FA Rules

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to be frustrated about the fact that several big Premiership clubs are reinforcing some smaller clubs and thus creating an advantage for themselves.

According to the manager football players over the age of 21 shouldn’t be allowed to be loaned out.

“What I would like to see in the Premier League is that you are not allowed to loan players over the age of 21.”

“At the moment it is an opportunity for some clubs to reinforce other teams, without losing ownership of the player.

Wenger Attacks Manchester City’s Transfer Policy

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has attacked the clubs who choose to have a transfer policy which destroy football for all the other clubs according to the Frenchman. Clubs like City, Real Madrid or PSG transfer anything they set their eyes on and this seems unfair for Wenger.

“The financial difference between us and teams like City has become too big for us to keep the players for eight, nine, 10 years,” Wenger told The Sun.

“We lost Thierry Henry we lost Patrick Vieira. We lost other players before but they had played here for eight, nine years.

Lehmann – Manchester City Are Amateurs

Former Arsenal glory Jens Lehmann offered a shocking statement in which he declared that the current English Premier League leaders Manchester City are nothing but an amateur team and that they didn’t deserve to go through to the Champions League knockout stage.

“Napoli have heart and passion and I liked them. It is good that they have gone through.

“We don’t want to see Manchester City in the Champions League.”

“They just make their opponents fall asleep with lots of possession. But to be honest, that is not tactically very demanding.”