A different kind of summer for Arsenal

This summer is set to be a very different one for Arsenal and for positive reasons. For the first time in what seems like an eternity, they are set to build on their squad rather than trying to rebuild one.


It was Robin Van Persie last year and Cesc Fabregas the year before that. Too often, the Gunners have gone into the close season with a cloud hanging over the future of a key player.


Face facts! Arsenal are not buying anyone at all….

This transfer window has been even more disappointing than usual for Arsenal Fans, with Arsene Wenger not only denying interest in all the rumoured targets, but even calling for the transfer window in January to be scrapped altogether.

This has finally got through to the press and the red-tops have even stopped making up rumours any more as they have finally realised what we all knew deep down anyway, that Arsenal are simply going to buy no-one despite having a whole team of injured players.