Nicklas Bendtner – I thought my career was finished

The Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner is currently on loan at Sunderland and he has had a hell of a lot of bad publicity since his arrival in the North-East, which hasn’t been tempered by him scoring loads of goals for the Black Cats.

But even Arsenal fans will have a soupcon of sympathy for Bendtner after his lates problem which came when he was kicked in the face during the League game against Swansea, and he was seriously worried that he would lose the sight in his eye.

He said: “It was not good and I feared the worst. If you can only use one eye, your career is finished.”

“I couldn’t see for five hours and had to be hospitalised overnight.

“It’s the first time that it has happened to me on a football pitch — something as really serious as that.

“I don’t mind getting kicked as that’s part and parcel of the game.

“You can get away with a broken nose, or broken jaw, but your eyes are the most important thing.

“And when I realised what had happened, my first thought was ‘Jeez. I’m blind’ “At first, I couldn’t open the eye. Eventually, when I could, all I could see was redness, so it was a real worry, wondering if that would go away.”

But thankfully he has recovered and made his comeback (with eye protection) in the local derby against Newcastle last weekend. And he even scored a rare goal albeit from the penalty spot.