Arsenal face THREE way Premier League transfer battle!

Even though Arsenal are now giving Arsene Wenger the financial tools to bring in big players in the transfer windows, and the Frenchman has used it well over the last two years, we are still not able to stand toe-to-toe with the really big hitters like Chelsea, PSG and all.

So despite being one of the best run and most profitable clubs in the world there are still three Premier League clubs able to blow us out of the water when it comes to transfer spending. The bad news for Gooners today is that two of them are after the same transfer target us Arsenal according to the Daily Star.

Is Arsenal star fooling himself about big games?

Jack Wilshere is renowned for showing passion for Arsenal Football Club on and off the pitch but this time around I think a few fans may start to question whether he is wise in everything he says.

Arsenal endured defeat to Stoke City at the weekend whilst Chelsea won, making the gap for first now four points away. The Gunners will slip further if Liverpool keep up their winning ways and Manchester City win their two games in hand, which is unfortunately a likely occurrence.

Arsenal must pass Chelsea test to win Premier League

Arsenal have enjoyed being on top of the Premier League, and have been there long enough to get used to it. But barring a monumental cock-up from both Liverpool and Manchester City, the Gunners will probably not be in top spot when they kick-off against Chelsea at the Emirates on Monday.

Liverpool are at home to Cardiff on Saturday and a win will give them one point more than the Gunners. City also play on Saturday, away to Fulham and because of their superior goal difference, a win would take them above us in the table. So come on Fulham and Cardiff, but I am not holding my breath.

Is Hansen right to dismiss Arsenal Premier League challenge?

For Arsenal, it isn’t often that you will hear of a title challenge, they are about as rare as a positive article in the media about the club, but for once with the season almost rwo and a half months underway, Arsenal currently sit on top of the Premier League table, 2 points clear of both second and third place. Chelsea currently occupy 2nd, whilst Liverpool sit in 3rd and although Chelsea may have been expected to be in that position at this stage of the season, I don’t think anyone would have predicted Liverpool’s good run, just like not many would have predicted the extent of Arsenal’s ambition both on and off the pitch.

Arteta quietly optimistic about Arsenal’s title chances

Arsenal’s stance at the top of the table remained for yet another week, meaning we have now been on top of the table for the longest period since the 2004/05 season and things are looking very promising for the Gunners this year. The season may be only two months underway, but take into account that we have had an international break, as well as another one this weekend, and then a cup game in-between, so the Premier League season is still relatively early on for this campaign.

First rule of Arsenal title challenge is you don’t talk about it…

Just when Arsenal fans were beginning to getting excited about the prospect of possibly challenging for our first Premier league title in years, Arsene Wenger has knocked us all back down in our place by announcing he thinks all the title talk is ‘ridiculous’.

Arsenal have endured a brilliant start to this year’s campaign, winning five games out of a possible six, with the only loss coming against Aston Villa on the opening day of the season at the Emirates Stadium. That game really put things into perspective, however Arsenal managed to turn the corner and become a side that looks like it could dominate in England.

Arsenal and Wenger can’t blame modern football – Deal with it!

After what was a disastrous weekend for the Arsenal, many of those defending Wenger and the board have used the argument of “Football has gone mad and it’s not Wenger and Gazidis’ fault that we can’t keep up with the ludicrous spending”. However, I feel that argument is a poor one and can certainly be seen as hypocritical.

Football has exploded with ridiculous transfer fees and ridiculous wages. It has been extremely difficult for Arsenal to compete, partly because of the introduction of Oligarchs who have bought the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG etc. I completely understand that it’s been difficult for Arsenal in this period of time but we’ve exacerbated the problem certainly.

Why Fabregas to Arsenal is so complicated yet so important!!

The time of Arsenal’s summer transfers has come and with it, who would have guessed only two years ago, another Fabregas saga. We all remember him going back home, carrying all of his Barcelona DNA with him. What comes as a surprise is that apparently he didn’t so much want to return for the sake of Barcelona but for the sake of playing for Guardiola. So now he has gone, Cesc became unsettled (isn’t it great to finally see players of other teams getting unsettled too)?