Koscielny – Henry can only help Arsenal to improve while he is here

The Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny is amazed at the amount of energy that Thierry Henry uses even in training, and thinks that he runs around “like a 20 year-old”.

Considering that Henry is actually 34 and is said to have lost his speed that is a great compliment, and the French international defender believes that his countryman is getting a buzz from being back in the atmosphere of playing for Arsenal and can only help the whole team improve while he is there on loan.

“He is leading by example, we saw it on Monday night,” Koscielny told Arsenal’s official website.

“At training, he runs everywhere. It’s like he is 20 years old.

“It’s thanks to players like him that we all improve. He is one of the greatest players to have played football and the squad needs to look up to him in the next two months to improve.

“Maybe he has missed the atmosphere here, at the club and the stadium. We can see at training that he plays like if he was 20 and as if he had just broken into the first team.

“He wants to score, to help the team and to improve.”

Arsenal certainly need someone else scoring goals rather than Robin Van Persie. Hopefully Henry can inspire everyone to take more potshots on goal.

Does Frimpong Have Anger Management Problems?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared that Emmanuel Frimpong is a good enthusiastic player, but the Frenchman seems to think that the midfielder needs to dial down his energy in the attempt to keep it under control.

“I love his raw enthusiasm. I love it,” said the Frenchman. “The problem is to keep him on the right track.

“You don’t want to see him lose that. He’s a real fighter – you would love to go to war with Frimpong. But he also has to use his energy in a positive way because sometimes too much energy can be a handicap.

“He learns, because he has a good mixture of confidence, humility and energy. So after the heat [of the moment], he accepts that he needs to think about what is wrong and right.

“He can get influenced by the crowd. Football is mad about what the game wants, not what the fans in the stands want. Good players always respond to the game situation and making the right decision and taking all the emotional part out of it.

“That’s a question of experience. When you are young you think you have a strong shot and people say, ‘Come on, have a go.’ You are tempted to do it even though you have a pass to make.

“At 24, you think, ‘Come on, I have a pass to make.”

Arsene Wenger is right, Frimpong needs to dial down his energy output because at time that energy makes him do stupid things on the field, just like the outburst he had against Samir Nasri after the Manchester City game.