Wenger Ready For Changes As He Attacks FA Rules

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to be frustrated about the fact that several big Premiership clubs are reinforcing some smaller clubs and thus creating an advantage for themselves.

According to the manager football players over the age of 21 shouldn’t be allowed to be loaned out.

“What I would like to see in the Premier League is that you are not allowed to loan players over the age of 21.”

“At the moment it is an opportunity for some clubs to reinforce other teams, without losing ownership of the player.

FA Won’t Charge Wenger. What About The Referee?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is likely to avoid disciplinary penalties after he attacked the referee following the Fulham match which was influenced by a few decisions which went against Arsenal.

After being refused a penalty in the first half and having Djourou sent off a bit weary in the second half the game’s referee Lee Probert was accused by Wenger of influencing the match and changing the result of the game.

“The referee influenced the game in completely the wrong way, in my opinion,”

Robin Van Persie blames the FA for Arsenal’s tight schedule

Robin Van Persie thinks that the FA scheduled the games weird for Manchester City and Arsenal and that this might affect both teams this season. The Dutch striker thinks that playing a game every 3 days can be tiring for any team and that they shouldn’t have to do that because their football will lack quality.

“Saturday’s game was our third in seven days, and that’s a lot of football,” he told Arsenal.com

“We had a tough game at Norwich in which we had to fight until the very last minute, while four days later we had an intense game against a very fit Borussia Dortmund side that kept us occupied right until the end. “

Wenger supports FA’s goal-line technology

After FA officials announced that there’s a possibility the goal-line technology will be implemented starting next season, Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger felt the need to publically support that idea and claim that he is eager to have it installed so football can become a bit cleaner.

“The sooner, the better for me,” he told Arsenal.com “The sooner they go further, the better. I have always been a big fan of it and given it every support.

“There are no [doubts for me]. The concern of course is that the technology can make mistakes but still statistically we will improve a lot.