Has Wenger learned from last summer’s farce? Will Arsenal bring in players early?

Many people criticized Arsene Wenger this season and sometimes they were right, especially after Arsenal’s panic buying at the last minute of the transfer window. Wenger’s ambition not to buy anybody and his stubbornness to keep believing that Nasri and Fabregas won’t leave has cost the Gunners a lost season and huge disappointment to their fans.

By the time Wenger realized that Fabregas and Nasri were really leaving it was too late to agree a deal for one of the many players the Gunners wanted, and that lead to a completely missed season and an extension to the six-year trophy drought.

The good thing about the team at the moment is that Wenger seems to have learned his lesson and he isn’t waiting to see whether Robin will leave or not, but acting on it. Besides the fact that he is going to smash through any wage limit to keep him at the club, the Frenchman has already agreed on terms with Podolski and he’s also taking an intense interest in French international striker Giroud.

Hazard is also highly likely to join in the summer, and the Gunners are also reportedly looking to bring in the Brazilian wonderkid Lucas Moura who has already made wonders for the senior national squad despite only being 19.

How do you think Arsenal are going to look next season?