Will Gervinho still be at Arsenal next season?

The Arsenal winger Gervinho has been brought to the club last summer in what turned out to be the worst transfer window in Arsenal’s recent history, and given the players Wenger had to play without during this season, he wasn’t all that bad, but should he question his future at Arsenal?

Chamakh had approximately the same evolution where after a few good games he lost his way, and Gervinho also seems a bit out of form on the moment and more than anything, a very long way away from the skills Chamberlain is currently showing.

Podolski – My future has yet to be decided

Arsenal’s chase for German striker Lukas Podolski might not be on the road to success after all judging from the last statement the Koln hitman made yesterday.

According to the Italian press, the striker declared that he wouldn’t mid joining his conational striker Miroslav Klose in Roma playing for Lazio. Klose has joined the Italians in the summer and he seems to have settled in very well. The two strikers were also teammates at Bayern Munich when Podolski was playing for the Bavarian side.

“It would be great to play alongside him again. Miro has spoken well of Lazio and he’s happy in Rome,” Podolski said.

Gazidis – Wenger puts Arsenal above his own needs, and will stay for ever!

The Arsenal director Ivan Gazidis can see absolutely no reason why Arsene Wenger can’t carry on as manager of the Gunners “for a very long time” and revealed that he has recently had a meeting with the Frenchman to plan the Arsenal team in 5 years time!

Gazidis said: “Arsene’s only 62 and in great shape and I don’t sense any weakening of his desire. Nobody knows what the future holds but it is entirely possible that he will be with the club for a long time to come.”

Can Carl Jenkinson be a future Arsenal and England star?

Over the years, Arsenal have been looking around the globe for fresh and young footballing talents. Slowly, the Arsenal team will polish and nurture the talents and prepare them for the footballing world in years to come. There are success stories from Fabregas, Flamini and Wilshere. All are players that have shone on the world stage. However, there are also failure stories in players like Justin Hoyte, Vincent Van Den Berg and Mark Randall where the careers were completely ruined, as they just did not have what it takes to catch the eye of Arsene Wenger. So, will Carl Jenkinson, Arsenal’s latest right back, be one for the future at Arsenal?